Thursday, August 11, 2022


Thanjavur - Brihadiswara Temple | Raja Museum & Art Gallery | Saraswati Mahal Library


This city is 55 km east of Tiruchirappalli. It is the highly fertile delta of the Cavery River and the capital of the Cholas during their supremacy.Brihadiswara Temple

The Brihadiswara Temple is at W.Main Road at S.Rampart street. Visit: 0600 to noon and 1600 to 2030.  This temple is dedicated to Shiva, but the sculptures on the gopuram is dedicated to Vishnu and inside there are Buddhist sculptures.  The gaint Nandi bull, within a single courtyard is the second largest in India. There are 80 ton block of granite capped in the pyramidal tower, pulled to the top along an inclined plane that began in a village 6 Km away.  The carefully planned and executed architecture make the temple a fine example of Dravidian artisanship.

The Raja Museum and Art Gallery is at the Nayak Durbar Hall. Visit : Thursday to Tuesday from 1000 to 1300 and 1400 to 1700.   It has the magnificent collection of  Chola bronzes with different interpretations of the same figure from early to late  chola dynasty.  

Saraswati Mahal Library has 8,000 rare palm leaf and paper manuscripts in many languages.