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Interesting Customs

There are certain interesting customs at marriages. The dhal is a must at the marriage lunch. The proverb says marriage and dhal go together. 

A type of ducking is prevalent in many castes as part of marriage festivals. Yellow coloured water is prepared and thrown  by every one over his or her brother-in-law, sister -in-law, and cross cousins. 

Some castes have a 'Nalungu' ceremony, the bride sing a suitable song and invites the groom  to the ceremony. Green turmeric and reddish  paint are applied by her to the groom's feet. The groom reciprocates by applying them to the bride. Then she applies sandal paste to his body. He adorns her with flowers, she shows him a mirror. Both of them play a game with a ball of flowers. They eat some sweets. For each part of the ceremony, a suitable  song is sung.

Among conservative Vaishnavite non-Brahmins, offerings are made to the deity in the forest  as a part of the marriage time-table. The bride is taken away by her uncle to whom she belongs by custom. Later he releases her to the groom. 

In the marriage  of Christian  fishermen of the Tuticorin coast, the groom pays some consideration  money or jewellery to the bride's 'customary husband' and get his approval and consent, before walking with his bride into  the nuptial room.