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Treatment of Acupuncture

Acupuncture believes that imbalance of the CHI or energy in the different meridians causes diseases. So it is important to locate where the meridians with excess or depletion of energy are.

In Acupuncture, successful diagnosis of a given disease is done by reading pulse. Whereas Western medicine recognises only one type of pulse, Chinese medicine has 12 types of pulses. These pulses are felt in both radial arteries with three fingers next to each other and at the same time two different pressure strengths. Thus the state of 12 different organs are ascertained by taking the pulse.

Five Element Theory

According to Indian Philosophy, every thing in this Universe belongs to any of the five elements, fire, water, earth, sky and air. This is the theory of 'Panchamahaboot'.

 The traditional Chinese Philosophy  has a similar theory, except that the five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each Yin organ is coupled to a Yang organ and they are identified with one of the five elements.

The Table Showing Chinese Five Element Theory







YIN organ








S.I & T.W




Yang organ








H & P




GB - Gall bladder ; LIV  - Liver

SI  - Small intestine,  TW  - Triple warmer ; H - Heart, P - Pericardium

LI - Large intestine

UB - Urinary bladder

The Chinese believe that all these five elements are related in the destructive cycle called 'ko' as well as the generative cycle called 'sheng'.

In the diagram, the five cornered star represents the 'ko' cycle or destructive cycle and the outer continuous circle represents the 'sheng' cycle or constructive cycle. 

In the 'Ko' cycle, the destructive pattern of the elements are shown.  Fire destroys metal, metal destroys wood, wood destroys earth, and the earth destroys water. 

In the 'Sheng' cycle, the constructive pattern of the elements are shown. Wood is fueled by fire which in turn yields earth. Metal can be mined from earth and when heated it liquefies.

Water nourishes plants and it yields wood, and the constructive cycle thus continues.CHI can follow only the direction of the arrows and this fact has to be remembered during treatment whenever it is decided to divert energy from a channel showing excess to a channel which is deficient. Deficient channel should be properly needled to draw energy from the excess channel. 

CHI or energy also follow a particular time sequence of maximum flow. In Acupuncture, each organ meridian has been allotted two hours of maximum energy flow.

For example, most of the acute asthma attacks occur between 3a.m to 5a.m. which is the time of optimum activity of the lung meridian. In disturbances of the liver function, sleeplessness or migraine headache occurs between 1a.m and 3a.m.

This two hour periodicity of optimum activity represents the best time for taking acupuncture action on the concerned meridian.

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