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Hemiplegia and Unani Treatment

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Hemiplegia or unilateral paresis refers to paralysis or abnormal movements on one side of a person, either the right or left. The affected side, or hemisphere, can be completely paralyzed or weakened, or it may move in rigid, stiff movements. Hemiplegia may be characterized by many other problems. For example, the use of one hand may be limited, there may be a problem with balance, speech may be affected or visual field problems may exist.

Hemiplegia can be a disorder present at or around birth, or it may be acquired after birth. The underlying cause of hemiplegia is damage to the brain as a result of disrupted blood flow. This disruption can be caused by several factors.

There are many different types of hemiplegia.

  • Facial hemiplegia is characterized by paralysis of one particular side of the face.

  • Cerebral hemiplegia occurs when a brain lesion disrupts the flow of blood to the brain.

  • Spastic hemiplegia is characterized by paralysis along with spastic movements of the affected side.

  •  Spinal hemiplegiais caused by lesions that have formed on the spine.

The most common cause of hemiplegia is stroke. A stroke occurs either when a blood clot forms and

obstructs normal blood flow or when a blood vessel breaks, cutting off or disrupting blood flow. Stroke is the main cause of cerebral palsy, which is another major cause of hemiplegia. Perinatal strokes, which occur in infants within three days of their birth, can cause cerebral palsy in children. Cerebral palsy limits function not specifically by total paralysis, but rather by uncontrollable spasms.

Unani Treatment:

  1. Aroosak one in numb given in bittle.

  2. Heeng 1 ratti mix in honey water 20 ml is very beneficial.

  3. Deoction of suddab 5 gm is also beneficial.

  4. Aaqaqarha 1 gm mix in honey water 20 ml two times daily till 5-10 days.

  5. Roghan shoneez for local application at affected organs.

  6.  Itrifal Ustookhudoos 7 gm with Arq Gau zaban 70 ml two times daily.

  7. Anqarooya kabeer 4 gm with Arq Baadyan 50 ml is very beneficial for hemiplegia and phlegmatic diseases.

  8. Tiryaaq Farooq 1 gm with Dawa ul mush mutadil jawahar wali 1 gm two times daily.

  9. Tiryaq Shamania 4 gm with Arq Baadyan 40 ml.

  10. Habbe Ayyariz at bed time.]\

  11. Rogan Qust or Daar chini or Rogan Turb for local application.

  12. Majoon Azaraqi 3 gm or Majoon Talkh 3 gm or Majoon Jograj gigul 3 gm with Arq Gau zaban 60 ml, Arq Baadyan 60 ml or honey water 120 ml is very beneficial.

  13.  In any of plegic patient first for day give only honey water as diet, in 5th day use any of the above given Munzziz.

  14.  Habbe Beesh also effective in hemiplegia and paralysis.

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   Imran, South Africa
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29 - 12 - 2018

Please advise on spasticity after paralysis on brain stem two months back. your friend on face book

   Saravanan, Hosur, TN
Reply Posted On :
1 - 1 - 2018

Sir, I'm 32 yrs old suffering from stroke(pakkavatham)(left Hemiplegia) since one year.My left leg and hand have been disabled. Plesae help me for recovery. I'm struggling since one year physically and financially.Contact: +91 9500964277

   Saravanan, Hosur , tamilnadu
Reply Posted On :
21 - 12 - 2017

Dear sir, im suffering with stroke(pakkavatham)(left Hemiplegia) since one left leg and hand has been disabled. plesae help me for recovery... name: saravanan Age:32 Place: Hosur , tamilnadu whatsapp: 9500964277 e mail-


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