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Reflex Epilepsy and Unani Treatment

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  Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbia College, Karolbagh

Reflex epilepsy is the name given to seizures which are triggered by individual sensitivity to sensory stimulation in the environment.

The most common form is photosensitive epilepsy -- that is, seizures caused by exposure to intense or fluctuating levels of light. Some people have seizures triggered by flashing lights or rapidly alternating light and dark patterns. The condition usually begins in childhood and may be outgrown by adulthood.

A flickering fluorescent light, the flicker of sunlight while driving past standing trees, certain video games, or flashing strobe lights can trigger seizures in photosensitive people. The reflex response may be absence (staring) seizures, myoclonic (jerking) seizures, or generalized convulsions. Wearing polarized sunglasses with blue lenses has been cited as good protection against photosensitive reflex seizures.

While flashing or flickering light is the most common trigger for reflex epilepsy, rare triggers include certain sounds, music, tone of voice, reading, immersion in hot water, and even eating.

Unani Treatment:

1. Ustookhudoos 10 gm or Aaqaqarha 3 gm or Daarchini 7 gm or Qaranfal 4 gm or Baboona gau chasm 6 gm or Jund baid sattar 1 gm. Grinding this and mix with honey 20 gm, use this mixture two times daily.

2. Decoction of Injeer zard 5 in numb, Barg Badranjboya 7 gm, zoofa khushk 7 gm also beneficial in phlegmatic.

3. Itrifal Ustookhudoos 9 gm with Arq Gau Zaban 100 ml, Sharbat Maveez 20 ml two times daily is very beneficial in phlegmatic epilepsy.

4. Itrifal Aftimoon 7 gm with Arq Shahitrah 60 ml, Arq Mundi 60 ml, Sharbat Gau zaban 20 ml is very beneficial in bilious epileptic.

5. Tiryal Farooq 1 gm mix with Khameera Gau zaban 10 gm or Dawaul musk mutadil 7 gm given with Arq Unbusalb 60 ml, Arq Amber 40 ml also beneficial.

6. Majoon Uood Shaleeb 7 gm two times.

7. Majoon Fiqra 10 gm with Sheerah Baadyan

8. Arq Baranjasif 40 ml two times daily.

Jund baid sattar 4 ratti, Sibr 2 gm grinding and make tablet in arq marjanjosh, mix these tab Arq Shahitra and drop in nose.


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29 - 10 - 2019

Thank you Dr.

   Rekha, Guntur
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Is there any chance of getting out of the treatment for Epilepsy .If yes, I will be thankful to you for the same 🙏contact :

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want the advice and treatment for epileptic seizures.

   Suleman khan , Kolkata
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I need treatment 09874861725

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I need medicine for seizuees


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