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Idiopathic epilepsy and Unani Treatment

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Idiopathic epilepsy is a form of epilepsy where the cause of the seizers is unknown. If after taking an extensive medical history and performing tests such as EEG, CT Scan or MRI, and an underlying cause is not found, doctors will give the diagnosis of idiopathic epilepsy. However, being told you have idiopathic epilepsy does not mean your medical team will never find the cause of your seizures. In some cases, a cause may eventually be found. According to concept of Unani system of medicine this is due to an unequilibrium in phlegmatic or bilious humor. About 2.3 million people in the United States have some form of epilepsy. For the vast majority of epilepsy cases, no single cause has been determined. Seizures may be caused by head trauma, stroke, brain tumor, poisoning, infection, inherited conditions, or problems during fetal development.

Unani Treatment:

  1. Ustookhudoos 10 gm or Aaqaqarha 3 gm or Daarchini 7 gm or Qaranfal 4 gm or Baboona gau chasm 6 gm or Jund baid sattar 1 gm. Grinding this and mix with honey 20 gm, use this mixture two times daily.

  2. Decoction of Injeer zard 5 in numb, Barg Badranjboya 7 gm, zoofa khushk 7 gm also beneficial in phlegmatic.

  3.  Itrifal Ustookhudoos 9 gm with Arq Gau Zaban 100 ml, Sharbat Maveez 20 ml two times daily is very beneficial in phlegmatic epilepsy.

  4. Itrifal Aftimoon 7 gm with Arq Shahitrah 60 ml, Arq Mundi 60 ml, Sharbat Gau zaban 20 ml is very beneficial in bilious epileptic.

  5. Tiryal Farooq 1 gm mix with Khameera Gau zaban 10 gm or Dawaul musk mutadil 7 gm given with Arq Unbusalb 60 ml, Arq Amber 40 ml also beneficial.

  6.  Majoon Uood Shaleeb 7 gm two times.

  7. Majoon Fiqra 10 gm with Sheerah Baadyan

  8. Arq Baranjasif 40 ml two times daily.

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