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Amnesia and Unani Treatment

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Amnesia is a condition in which memory is disturbed or lost. Memory in this context refers either to stored memories or to the process of committing something to memory. The causes of amnesia have traditionally been divided into the "organic" or the "functional". Organic causes include damage to the brain, through physical injury, neurological disease or the use of certain (generally sedative) drugs. Functional causes are psychological factors, such as mental disorder, post-traumatic stress or, in psychoanalytic terms, defense mechanisms. 

People with amnesia have difficulty learning new information, and/or they have difficulty recalling previously learned information. They may be disoriented and confused. Their memory deficit causes problems for them either at work, in school, or in social settings. Sometimes the memory loss is severe enough to necessitate a supervised living situation.

Does amnesia affect males, females, or both?
Amnesia can affect anyone, male or female.

At what age does amnesia appear?
Amnesia can occur at any age.

How is amnesia diagnosed?
A mental health professional will want to take a careful personal history.

Causes of amnesia can include:

  • External trauma, such as a blow to the head

  • Internal trauma, such as stroke

  • Exposure to toxic substances such as carbon monoxide

  • Inadequate diet

  • Brain tumors

  • Seizures 

There are no laboratory tests that are necessary to confirm amnesia nor are there any physical conditions that must be met. However, it is very important not to overlook a physical illness that might mimic or contribute to amnesia. If there is any doubt about a medical problem, the mental health professional should refer to a physician, who will perform a complete physical examination and request any necessary laboratory tests.

Very sophisticated psychological testing, called neuropsychological testing, can be very helpful in determining the presence of amnesia. Sometimes the diagnosis of amnesia can be aided by the use of brain scans such as the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Unani treatment:

  1. Itrifal ustookhudoos 10 gm at bedtime.

  2. Habbe Jund baid satr 1 gm with Arq Gau zaban 70 ml two times daily

  3. Safoof Hafz 10 gm two times.

  4. Majoon Biladar 3 gm two times.

  5. or Majoon falasfa 10 gm at bed time with milk.
    or majoon vaj 7 gm with Arq Ustookhudoos or Arq Mundi 70 ml two times daily very 
    effective regimen.
    or majoon laboob 10 gm two time.
    or Murabba zanjabeel 20 gm two times.

  6. Kundur 3 gm, Aeera siyah 3 gm, Filfil Siyah 7 in numb, prepare sheerah in Arq Gau zaban 100 ml and mix with honey 20 ml, very effective regimen.

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