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Diabetic Nephropathy and Intervention in Unani System of Medicine

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Diabetic Nephropathy (zoafe kulya bawajah ziabetes shakari) is a kidney disease, or damage that results as a complication of diabetes. The exact cause of diabetic nephropathy is unknown, but it is believed that uncontrolled high blood sugar leads to the development of kidney damage, especially when high blood pressure is also present. In some cases, genes or family history may also play a role. Not all persons with diabetes develop this condition.

Each kidney is made of hundreds of thousands of filtering units called nephrons. Each nephron has a cluster of tiny blood vessels called a glomerulus. Together these structures help remove waste from the body. Too much blood sugar can damage these structures, causing them to thicken and become scarred. Slowly, over time, more and more blood vessels are destroyed. The kidney structures begin to leak and protein (albumin) begins to pass into the urine. Clinically, DN is characterized by a progressive increase in proteinuria and decline in GFR, hypertension, and a high risk of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.

Ancient Unani physicians estimated kidneys as pivotal organ and zoafe kulya is a secondary disease to absorb and filter the urine from blood i.e. blood purification. The current study is taken for the first time and considers the assessment of the scientific validity of the Unani medicines by applying modern parameters.

Material & methods:

35 patients of type 2DM with clinical Nephropathy were taken at TDF (TRIAL DRUG FORMULA) for 120 days & creatinine clearance test was repeated for every 30 days. TDF, especially prepared with the aim to modulate impaired kidney function contains musaffi, muhallil, mufattah and mudir advia.

Result: After 120 days

In 65.71 % patients with mild and moderate renal impairment normal creatinine clearance was obtained.
In patients with severe renal impairment slow apparent response was seen.


This formulation acts as a normohomeostatic agent by modulating the renal clearance function through vasodilatation and improve blood flow. During initial stages there is quick modulation of renal clearance function. So it is recommended to start this formulation in early stages. Therefore it can be stated that the above formulation is an effective, affordable treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy and is free from adverse effects.

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