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Cholesterol- controllable with Herbal drops

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In Kerala, people know that hyper cholesterolemia is a serious condition which ultimately results in heart diseases. Usually this superficial & inadequate knowledge about cholesterol and fear towards it often ends in a conversation about "coconut oil". Many even think that as far as food is free from coconut oil, there is nothing to worry about heart diseases. In fact this is an absolutely wrong notion, and has serious repercussions.

In modern medicine, much efforts have been made to prevent cholesterol enrichment. The main part of these efforts involve prescribing synthetic/chemical drugs one after the other. But using these chemical drugs has proved that certain side effects like hardening of blood vessels (atherosclerosis) also appear, along with the reduction of cholesterol. 

Statins: The side effects 'are worse than feared'

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This is more dangerous than hyper cholesterol condition. There are also cases of consequent cancers, being reported. The money spend towards these drugs is not usually affordable for the ordinary citizen. 

With some indigenous herbal drops the rate of cholesterol and subsequent heart attacks can be controlled. Its usage insists no compulsory use of garlic or onions and no restriction in usual dietary use of coconut kernal. And the scope of this clinical findings is here in the above said situation. The concepts of old age, retirement period and heart attack stage have become cliche. The heart is heading for a breakdown even before expressing its agony. Even in modern medicine, there is no definite answer for preventing the spiraling growth of coronary vascular diseases.

Diseases of Heart and arteries are collectively called cardiovascular disease (CVD). CVD is a morbid disease, its known causes are also very silent as the under current of great oceans.

The increased LDL cholesterol level in the blood & increased blood pressure are the forerunning signs, but they are mainly symptom less. The devoid ness of symptoms of the cause also increases the risk of the morbid disease.

Mr. Sivaprasad aged 45 is MD of a private company. For the last five years he was suffering from occasional chest pain. He consulted a famous cardiologist. He took STRESS ECG and other necessary tests. The doctor warned him that his coronary arteries, which supplies blood to the heart has begun to block and was the cause of the pain. His blood tests revealed the increased LDL cholesterol and the doctor instructed him to control it.

As the cholesterol level did not decrease through diet control, he was persuaded to take many tablets. But now the doctor does not allow him to take the cholesterol lowering chemical drugs, as its use cause cancer and even atherosclerosis.  Then Mr. Sivaprasad came to Homeopathic Research Centre for treatment and now his condition has improved much.

Mr. Mohammed is another example, who was suffering from cholesterol problem and chest pain (medically called Angina Pectoris) as said it is actually the cry of the heart for blood. The pain occur during physical exertion or even walking, ascending stairs etc, if he sits or lies still 5 minutes the pain subsides. During the beginning (3 years before), he got relief from using allopathic drugs. Then after he can not get any relief from the allopathic drugs what so over. He is advised for heart surgery. (the foremost indication for BY PASS SURGERY is the intractable chest pain in which no allopathic drugs can give any kind of relief & the 2nd rare indication is very poorly functioning heart which a large aneurysm of left ventricle) & Mr. Mohamed was admitted for operation at Kuwait Govt. Hospital.

The coronary angiograph (CA) was taken (C:A: is an essential procedure before each open heart surgery as it determines the site of the block in one or more coronary arteries, the pressure & also the study of the heart muscles. Angiography is an invasive test. It involves puncture of a blood vessel & introduction of a catheter inside the heart) and said that he will get, not any benefit from the surgery, as his vascular system is so weak. Then he came to our treatment on one of our old patients advise. He is still under our treatment and having good relief without the synthetic drugs. He and his family enjoys the tasty coconut products now.

Another Mr. Radhakrishnan from Ernakulam who is an Er in KSEB, came for treatment. He had mouth burns due to excessive use of raw GARLIC. He and his family had adapted SUN FLOWER oil cooking medium as they have a family tendency of heart diseases. He took so many treatments with regime, even though the blood rests revels Hypercholesterolemia. Then he came to us. Now 5 months passed, he is normal both physically and mentally. His family also now changed to Coconut cooking medium.

Modern medical technology makes us believe that the fatty diet alone is probably the main reason for raised LDL cholesterol and which causes the atherosclerosis etc. All people are not  prone to be hyperlipoprotenmia or atherosclerotic or CVD. If a healthy man takes food containing too much saturated fats or oils, the LDL cholesterol level in his blood does not rise above normal. The body achieves this by controlling both biosynthesis of cholesterol in the body itself in the liver & the absorption of lipids from the intestine.

Homoeopathy believes in the susceptibility of each individual to certain diseases. If one person is susceptible to one disease then only he becomes ill. An individuals susceptibility to Hypercholesterolemia determine, by the way, the body handles FAT. ie the lipids metabolic rate. This is the homoeopathic concept.

Triglycerides come almost entirely from dietary sources. Even though cholesterol also comes from the diet, they are also synthesized in the body tissues in good amount.

T.J. MOORE ("The cholesterol myth'' page 37-70, Altantic Monthy Sept 1989) writes that "Since cholesterol compounds are synthesized with in the body, its link with diet would seem to be tenuous & indirect.... perhaps only one person in seven could achieve over ten percent reduction through diet.

The clinical results exactly coincides with the biochemical and endocrinoligical findings. In Dr. P.A. Kurup"s writing: more recently, it has been suggested that it is the susceptibility of LDL to oxidation that is important in atherogenesis rather than LDL itself. Kurup says that ""Diet responders phenomena is merely a susceptibility and is not gene related: if it is gene related Homeopathy can do nothing.

Why COCONUT Oil is allowed? It is a fact that excessive consumption of any oil even olive oil causes harm to the body. Non of us consume coconut oil in massive amount.
Of course, coconut oil is a saturated fat. The quantity we consume is very little and is not enough to relegate cholesterol even in diet responders.

Very recently National Institutes of Health Consensus Statement states that the concept that HD may prevent the entry of cholesterol into the process of atherosclerotic lesions or even remove cholesterol from atherosclerotic lesions, so called reverse cholesterol transport, has been supported by animal experiments. vol: 10 Feb. 1992. Both the proteins and dietary fiber present in the kernel are known to increase HDL. So the use of kernel is most important and is necessary to increase the HDL. Remember the up to date approach of finding the T.C/H.D.L. ratio in CVD"s.

Indigene Homoeopathic Herbal way......

HOMOEOPATHY uses the healing power of nature -VIS MEDICATRIX NATURE. In order to prevent the CVD, both organopathic & constitutional approach may be needed. The organopathic concept is as follows. Every drug is found to have some selective predilection of affecting particular organs, tissues and that too in a peculiar pathological way. This predilection not only depicts the fundamental nature of the drug but also its inexorable tendency towards some distinct pathological ultimate. Hence this form of knowledge about the pathogenesity of a particular drug is very essential and highly useful and dependable in finding the similimum for a disease picture. Showing similar organopathic condition and tendencies- Examples
are Cina for worms, Thuja for Warts, Symphyt: for Bone Fracture, Arnica for injuries, Chelidon for Liver. Arjuna for heart, Latrodemac for Angina pect, Euphor heter for burning pain of cancer, this is organopathic concept in Homoeopathy. 

In the constitutional concept the individual in his entire gamut of existence- physical, psychical and emotional covering his past and family history, forms the subject matter of treatment. He is
not treated piece by piece in Neurology, Nephrology, Dermotology, etc like specifications in allopathy. Most commonly after three months of indigene herbal organopathic constitutional treatment, the HDL/LDL ration became high, so the inference is, atherosclerotic lesions were also cured by the treatment.

The drugs are purely indigene herbal and devoid of any kind of chemicals. And again the treatment costs only one/twenty fifth of allopathic chemical drugs is another advantage. The use of chemical drugs itself causes side effects. The ordinary consumption of the tasty Coconut kernel is allowed. From the Homeopathic Research Centre , they used to send medicines 
aboard for hyperlipoedimaeic patients by Post (Address Director, Homeopathic Research Centre, Kottayam. Manjoor. P.O. Pin: 686 6O3, India. Phone O4829 2425O1)

What is Cholesterol

Fats in the blood and tissue are collectively called lipids in medical science, they consist of Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Lioporoteins & Phospolipids. Lipoproteins are the combination of proteins and cholesterol.

According to the density they are divided into Low Density Kipoproteins (LDL), very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) and High Density Lipoproteins (HDL). These lipids are necessary for the human body, because they are essential for the production of hormones, bile, Vitamin D etc. The lipids do not do any harm either to the arteries or to the heart as long as the level and ration of LDL and HDL are maintained at the normal range.

175 years ago, P.M. Chevreul discovered an unknown Lipid which he called cholesterol. Choles means = of the bile; Stereos means = solid stuff. It is insoluble in water and tends to precipitate and stick to the walls of the arteries and constrict them. Dr. Michael Brown and Joseph Goldstein, two scientists at the University of Taxas at Dallas, explained how cholesterol might wreck the heart and shared a Nobel Prize in 1984. William P. Castell, Medical Director of Framinghan Heart Study says that ""If the average Cholesterol level was reduced from 210 to 191, there would be 300000 fewer heart attacks annually in U.S/ Dr. Paul Samuel, Clinical Prof. of Medicine, Albert Einstein School of Medicine, New York, says that "one percent reduction of cholesterol in the blood corresponds to, two percent of reduction of morbidity from the disease. Means if you reduce cholesterol by 25% morbidity from cardio vascular disease will be decreased by 50%, that is not a negligible number. The HDL/LDL ration the higher the better, also went up to 23%.

What is the trouble caused by increased Cholesterol?

Take a cross section of an old pipe, continuously used in the water supply for an example. We can see that the inner surface of the pipe is reduced & become narrowed as substances such as mud stick to the surface. Like this as and when the arteries are healthy, the heart, the brain etc get their nourishment and the organs work smoothly.
As and when the cholesterol level in the blood increases, some of the lipids precipitate in the inner surface of the arteries and they become thickened and further adsorption of calcium and proteins will occur. And this leads to their clogging. It starts in childhood through unhealthy and excessively fatty diets. This thickening and clogging of arteries is referred to as ATHEROSCLEROSIS 

It affects coronary arteries first. The increased daily usage of fatty red meat, organ meat like liver, kidney and brain, prawn, lobster egg yolk, ghee, whole milk, butter and other saturated fats or oils are primary culprits. Also mental tension, stress, smoking habit too much consumption of alcohol and refined sugar, diabetic, hypertension, devoid ness of body exercises and diabetic mellitus are responsible.

As mentioned earlier there are two types of lipids. The excess of lipids derived from saturated fact, ie. LDC and VLDL causes the deposit of cholesterol in the inner surface of arteries, thus slowly narrowing the lumen of coronary arteries and choking the supply of blood to the heart muscles and resulting in angina pectoris. It also causes complete blocking resulting in myocardial infraction commonly called heart attack. When it affects the arteries to the brain it causes STROKE. In male, the pelvic/penile Angiograhy shows evidence of the foremost physical factor of
the penile vascular damage caused by the low HDL/LDL ratio. It causes the HELICINE arteries to lose its elasticity to dilate , resulting in Erectile dysfunction (ED). i.e Impotency. Tobacco smoking also causes very low HDL count, which also causes ED.

The other type of lipid called High Density Lipoprotein HDL is a friendly servant to the body. It carries fat a way from arteries and tissues, to liver. In the liver it is converted and made soluble in the bile and exercised through the intestine. So it is desirable to keep LDL low and HDL high. For this we try to avoid saturated fat in fool. Saturated fats get solidified at room temperature.
Almost all cardiovascular patients have high LDL and a low HDL ratio. We must change the ratio in reverse.

In Framingham Heart Study a low HDL cholesterol was a greater risk factor than a high LDL. Even if a patient has a total cholesterol within normal limits, but has a low HDL level, it would be at the risk of CHD. The normal level of HDL is 55 mg% in female and 45 Mg% in male. The up to date approach suggested is to find out the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL chol: (TC/HDLC). This ratio would compare the atherogenic effect of total chol: to protection offered by HDL Chol: The average ratio is 5.8 for men whth CHD and 5.1 for men with out CHD disease.


Organopathic herbal treatment can cure hypercholesterolemia and can keep the arteries clean. Thus we can prevent the relentless disease process of CVD. The patient can include coconut kernel in their diet as usual, not in excess. To maintain the LDL/HDL ratio low, or to control cholesterol, it is not necessary to contaminate or solute the body with harmful chemicals. Awareness is most important as Framingham Heart Study warns us that "under forties cannot be fearless. Five percent of heart attacks occur at young stars in their mid to late 30's. So every one over 28 years should have test for total cholesterol and should by pay more attention to HDL cholesterol, blood pressure and body weight, at least once every five years. T.C. count above 200 mg/dl as well as of HDL of 35 mg/dl or below in considered risky. Over wt: must be reduced through nature’s way. If CVD patients can take the tread mill test for six minutes
they take constitutional organopathic treatment as prophylactic. And takes stress ECG to know the treatment progress.

Dr. T.K. Alexander. Ernakulam-11.


   Gurvinder, Amritsar
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11 - 1 - 2013

Sir I really appreciate your effort and research towards this rapidly growing disease.Sir my chol/ldl/hdl/triglds.are higher Kindly prescribe me appropriate / suitable herbal/homeopathic medicine & oblige.God Bless You.Thanks & Regards...Gurvinder Singh 09815849200

   Ravinder pal, Nabha(patiala), Punjab
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6 - 4 - 2011

dear sir I read your article, it is very useful, and i able to know that actually what is Cholestrol. Will u help me how can i reduce my cholestrol level through Homeopathy?

   Ashwani Kumar, Shimla Himachal Pradesh
Reply Posted On :
20 - 1 - 2011

I, 40 year young man, n problem of cholestorel, i feel so, have big paunch compared to a normal stomach. I feel that the cholestroel has increased in my big intestine as well as also on the parts of waist too. Due to sitting work, i cann't get time to keep my self fit by doing some exercise etc daily. So suggest me any Indian medicine, which will not have side effects. I shall be highly thankful. yours truly,,,,,Ashwani alias Ashu. pl. tell is it possible to talk online or not?

   Anwar, Saudi Arabia
Reply Posted On :
29 - 10 - 2010

Dear Sir, I had tested my blood and triglycerids is extreamly high limit 2500mg/dl.I am also taking medicines from here and also taking the omega 3 suppliments.Kindly advise me to reduce it.I am from Delhi and working in Saudi Arabia.... Regards, Anwar

   Sunil Jose, Dubai
Reply Posted On :
16 - 8 - 2010

Very usefull article.Thank you Dr.Alexander for writing this one.


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