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Chiropractic is used to relieve pain by manipulation to correct any problem that are present in the joints and muscles, especially the spine. The word 'Chiropractic' originated from two Greek words 'Kheir' which means 'hands' and 'praktikos' which means 'practical'. A school of Chiropractic was established in about 1895 by a healer called Daniel Palmer(1845-1913).

Some times a slight displacement of the opposing articular surfaces may occur in the vertebrae. It is  very probable that it will give rise to disease and illness in any part of the body.  The most common external causes of vertebral lesion are occupation, habits, injuries, age and exhaustion.

Chiropractic treatment heals the abnormality in the spine. The theory evolved is that what when any part of the spine is dislocated, irrespective of the cause of the  dislocation, the nerves leading from the backbone are trapped and prevented from transmitting the appropriate healthy signals from the brain to the organ involved and vice versa. As time passes, the trapped nerve causes an irritation, poisons, begin to accumulate and illness is the result. Subluxation of the vertebrae - spinal lesion may be discovered by palpation of the spinal column and may be corrected by manipulation.

The first principle of Chiropractic is that any interference with the nerve supply which has its source in the spinal cord and brain may effect any part of the body through the moving ramification of the nervous system. The interference comes in the form of lesion in the spine.

Chiropractic is used in cases of spinal disorders, head aches, neck problem etc. At birth, if the use of forceps is necessary, it may result in neck injury and it may cause headaches and neck problem as he or she grows to maturity. In the case of children, some slight accident that occurred in their early years may result in back pain in the later years. In all these cases Chiropractic is effective.


Chiropractor initially observes the patient and study the nature of the problem. X-rays are frequently used by chiropractors since they can show signs of bone disease, fractures or arthritis as well as the spines condition. After all these examination, Chiropractor will make a decision as to whether the patient will benefit from this therapy of not.

In this therapy, Chiropractors use their hands in a skilful way to effect the different manipulative techniques. He also uses applications of ice or heat to relieve the injury.

If it is decided that manipulation is necessary to treat a painful lumbar joint, the patient is made to lie on his or her side on a specially designed couch. The upper and lower spine will then be rotated manually but in opposite ways. This manipulation will have the effect of partially locking the joint that is being treated, and the upper leg is usually flexed to aid the procedure. The vertebra that is immediately below or above the joint will then be felt by the Chiropractor, and the combination of how the patient is lying, coupled with gentle pressure applied by the Chiropractor's hand, will move the joint to its furthest extent of normal movement. Then a very quick push applied on the vertebra, results in its movements being extended further than normal ensuring full use of the joint. The muscles that surrounded the joint being suddenly stretched,  has the effect of relaxing the muscles of the spine that work up on the joint. This alternation should cause the joint to be able to be used more naturally and should not be a painful procedure.

There can be a variety of effects felt after treatment-some patients may feel sore or stiff, or may ache some time after the treatment, while others will experience the lifting of pain at once. In some cases there may be a need for multiple  treatments perhaps four or more, before improvement is felt.


   Sunil, Kullu
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11 - 3 - 2014

Pl.mail chiropractor Dr's address in punjab ,himachal ,haryana Delhi

   Neeraj Khandelwal, Mahesana Gujarat
Reply Posted On :
4 - 9 - 2011

I want to know the address of Chiropractic Clinic nearby Ahmedabad or Mahesana.

   Atul Kohli, Deolali(Nashik)
Reply Posted On :
2 - 2 - 2010

I have Isthmic Spondylolisthesis of L5 over S1. Is Chiropractic treatment useful for me?

   Shymal Mallick, Srirampore
Reply Posted On :
25 - 1 - 2010

I am looking for Chiropractic Treatment for my system.

   R. Ramakrishnan, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu - India
Reply Posted On :
21 - 12 - 2009

I would like to findout available Chriopractors in Tamil Nadu & Kerala.

   bharat bhatt, mumbai
Reply Posted On :
17 - 11 - 2009

i am looking for a chirpractor in mumbai. can you help me find one. thanks,

Webindia123 Moderator, Kochi Posted On : 31 - 3 - 2017
Please check this link for chiropractors in Mumbai


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