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End Stage Renal Failure- Homeopathy Treatment

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†End stage renal failure is the final common path way for a number of disease processes and is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. In modern medicine, approach is to do dialysis and kidney transplant, but its not a rational approach, it is a temporary phase, not complete cure and ends in renal failure or CRF.†

In Homeopathy, medicines develop immunizations in kidney, so kidney filtrations is not damaged further and kidney factions become strong. After some time it stops increase in s.creatinin level and reduces†gradually up to 50%. Consult a well experienced Homeopath†to maintain your kidney and neoprene properly.†A decrease in renal function is sufficient to result in retention in the body of nitrogenous waste such as blood, urea, nitrogen and s.creatinin. The hall mark of renal failure is progressive azotaemia caused by the accumulation of the nitrogenous end products of metabolism. This accumulation is accompanied by a wide-range of other disturbances depending on the severity and duration of the renal dysfunction. These include metabolic derangements such as metabolic acidosis and hyperkalemia, disturbances of body fluid balance and effects on many other organ systems.†

Pre Renal :

Decreased blood flow is one cause of damage to the kidney. Acute renal failure may occur when there is extremely low blood pressure. The patient may suffer from trauma, septic shock, hemorrhage, severe vomiting, diarrhea, burns and associated dehydration or other severe or complicated illness.†

Intra Renal :

Renal failure usually occur as the internal structures of the kidney are suddenly or slowly destroyed. It is a complex condition. Chronic failure commonly noticed with hypertension and diabetes damage the vascular walls. Smoking causes atherosclerotic changes of the arterial walls. Nephrotoxic drugs and metals could ruin the cellular complex as in prolonged chemical medication. Disorders in metabolism and immunity is also to be considered.†

Post Renal† :

A simple mechanical or functional obstruction to the free flow of urine precludes, its excretion and renal failure occurs. It commonly happens with kidney stones, urethral stricture and prost The symptoms are sudden in acute renal failure and gradual in chronic. The initial symptoms are noticed with renal physiopathology as reduction in urinary put out and accumulation of fluid.†

Signs and Symptoms :†

Increase in Blood pressure, weight Loss, proteins pass in urine, general weakness, swelling around the eyes. Persistent fatigue and shortness of breath. Loss of appetite and unintentional weight loss. Pale,†dry and itchy skin. Muscular cramps†and twitching. Headache, nausea, vomiting and hiccups. †††††††††††††††††

Hyaline casts are found in glomerular proteinuria. Red cell casts indicate glomerular hematuria, white cell casts imply the presence of renal parenchymal inflammation. Granular casts are composed of cellular remnants and debris. Fatty casts are usually associated with heavy proteinuria. †††

The usual presentation of C.R.F. in Homeopathic hospital includes:

1. Homeopathy treatment for Patients with just diminished renal reserve.†

2. Homeopathy manage Patient with End Stage Renal Failure pending Hemodialysis and Renal Transplant.†

3. Homeopathy Patient already on long term Dialysis pending Renal Transplant.†

4. Homeopathic Management prevents Complications in dialysis

5. Homeopathy prevents Post Renal Transplant Patients.

1. Homeopathy treatment Patients with just diminished renal reserve

This is the best field for us to work but unfortunately, the number of cases presenting at this stage are very few. The individualized homoeopathic treatment does wonders here and has prevented a large number of cases progressing to stage of dialysis or renal transplant. The usual symptomatic presentation at this stage is vague with patients mostly complaining of nausea, anorexia and progressive weakness. The laboratory renal parameters are also not very seriously disturbed. The evolution of individualized totality comprising of the mental sphere, habits, past and family history require lots of patience and labor but the results are marvelous. Homoeopathy has already done a yeoman service to the society here as hemodialysis and renal transplant are not within easy reach of majority of population in under- developed countries.†

2. Homeopathy manage Patient with End Stage Renal Failure pending

This is the group of cases with maximum presentations in the clinics. Majority of these cases come to homoeopathic rescue as a last resort as they can't afford long-term dialysis and transplant. The other small group of patients want to know the benefits of Homoeopathic treatment over dialysis and if Homoeopathic treatment be carried along with Hemodialysis? The clinical judgment is individualized and varies for every patient. Remember the correlation of uremic symptoms with renal functions varies front patient to patient. †

3. Homeopathy †Patient already on long term Dialysis pending Renal Transplant.

Homeopathy has a great role to play here. Research experiments in various hospitals reveals the following facts :†
(a) Indicated homoeopathic remedies reduced the number of dialysis needed over a period of time.†
(b) Indicated homoeopathic remedies reduce and overcome the complications associated with chronic dialysis therapy.†

4. Homeopathic Management Complications in †dialysis†

Remember a chronic dialysis patient depends on a machine for his life. These patients develop a variety of psychiatric, neurologic and somatic disorders. A neurologic disorder 'Dialysis dementia' is a characteristic example. In the mental sphere, these patients become very depressive, their reduced physical abilities make them sad and depressive. They become very irritable like. They know that they have to depend on others, they tolerate and do not express the frustration like In the physical sphere infections, thrombosis and aneurysm formation occur in the Arterio-venous fistula. There is a high incidence of septic embolisation in these cases. The homoeopathic remedies Arnica, have immensely helped these cases. Heparin necessary during the hemodialysis procedures to prevent clotting leads to complications such as subdural hematoma and intracerebral hemorrhage. Arnica and different well-proved snake poisons in our Materia Medica are of great help here.†

5. Homeopathy prevents Post Renal Transplant Patients.

The group of patients coming for homoeopathic advice after Renal Transplant is very limited. Homeopaths have very little experience with these patients and the results are not very encouraging. Most of the symptoms here are marked and distorted by immune-suppressive therapy. Immuno-suppressive therapy suppresses all immune responses and hence Homoeopathic treatment has not much role to play in organ rejection of transplant cases.We have observed that those cases with renal failure, being put on Dialysis and if they receive homoeopathy medication simultaneously, they require less frequent dialysis and their quality of life improves.

Dr. Harshad Raval MD [hom] Honorary consultant homeopathy physician to his Excellency governors of Gujarat India. Qualified MD consultant homeopath ,International Homeopathy adviser, books writer and columnist. Specialist in kidney, cancer, psoriasis, leucoderma and other chronic diseases.

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   kuldeep singh, Noida
Reply Posted On :
2 - 10 - 2017

Dear Dr. My name is Kuldeep I am suffering from Polycystic kidney disease, currently my creatinine is 6.5 and my hemoglobin is 9.20,urea is 168,uric acid 9 and little bit swelling in my lower side legs, due to the increased kidney size I am feeling pain in my right kidney.. Please can you suggest me any effective treatment for this.... Regard Kuldeep Singh Mob-8510062003

   Praful shavdia, Ahmedabad
Reply Posted On :
12 - 9 - 2015

I shall be Ahmedabad from Friday 18th sept.for four days.I am a dialysis patient for last five years.I am not a candidate for transplant purposes.Can this treatment that you give help?i It may be useful to have a meeting with you if you so consider.Please

   Qyamudin, Chapra
Reply Posted On :
14 - 5 - 2014


   Dr. Shweta, Bilaspur
Reply Posted On :
10 - 10 - 2013

Fruitful information; plz present some cases here

   Manoj Nair, Bhopal
Reply Posted On :
8 - 8 - 2013

My son suffering from Nephrotic syndrome, had 2 dialysis recently, now doctors telling go for transplant.

   imran ullah khan, new delhi
Reply Posted On :
26 - 5 - 2013

i m ckd patient, on dialysis aug'11 2/week.....urea 154 n creatinine 19.2.................also hepatitise c positive.....................plz suggest what medicine i should take

Reply Posted On :
18 - 4 - 2013

We get to know 15 days back that I am suffering from kidney shrinkage / Kidney failure problem.

I have done 3 dialysis and doctors are advising for kidney transplant.

Pls respond me at your earliest. Thanks

DP Bhardwaj 09873667517

   Lydia , Singapore
Reply Posted On :
4 - 4 - 2013

Praise the Lord! Im Lydia, Indian gal suffering with renal problem. Im going for dialysis twice a week. The doctor says that my kidney is still functioning but not as good as others. both kidneys are only performing in a 10% rate. Can i be cured totally that i don't have to go for renal dialysis anymore?? Please help me. Iam unmarried. I have old parents to look after also.

   Shravan, Patancheru hyderabad andhra pradhesh. Pin.502319.
Reply Posted On :
18 - 2 - 2011

My father is dialysis patient. He needs dialysis twice in a week. Better suggestion pls sir. . . .

   RV Singh, Jamshedpur
Reply Posted On :
4 - 4 - 2010

D/ Dr Harshad Raval, I am happy to go thrí ur internet information about the kidney problem. I am a diabetic patient for more than 25yrs. The associated problem s have come along, like blood pressure, and kidney malfunction. I give below the present status of my health: 1. Age 62, ht 5í7Ē;wt 65kg avg, complexion fair 2. Diabetic for last 25yrs 3. Creatinine level 1.9 to 2.4 4. Blood pressure fluctuating, taking medicine for that.Losanorm-25 1-0-1 5. Feel weak, canít do any physical work 6. Cannot walk fast/brisk, feel exhausted very soon. Take leisure walk only in the morning and evening. 7. Eyes are also a little affected. Right eye retina is damaged a little, though can see but not normal. Both the eyes are operated upon for cataract. 8. Diet is perforce very restricted. Able to control the sugar thrí it . Taking 10/5units of insulin in the morning and in the evening. Taking tablets also for sugar control.Diaglim2 1-0-0 and Dianil 0-0-1 9. Avoid taking any protein/ potassium based products. Pl let me know if I can be treated with your medicine and get cured of kidney problem.Pl let me know the cost of treatment also. Yours truly RV Singh 942,Vijaya Heritage Ulyan, Kadma JAMSHEDPUR-831005 Mobile 9031331532; L/ line 0657-2308141

   ingrid, malaysia
Reply Posted On :
23 - 1 - 2010

i a student doing research on treatments for end stage renal failure and i wish to know more about how Homeopathy works in Patient with End Stage Renal Failure in great detail..thanks in advanced

   Ramachandra, Bangalore
Reply Posted On :
6 - 12 - 2009

My creatinine is 7.2 BUN : 67 %. Hb : 11.5 K : 4.7 Doctor advised me for dailysis can u help .

   muhammad tahir, bhakkar punjab
Reply Posted On :
15 - 10 - 2009

my brothers kidney failed due high blood pursure and doctor says that you are reaching dailysess or kidney transpant if you have any soluation or medicin cartainee is 8.10 blood urea is 134 please help us

   Dr.Rangadhar Satapathy.MD(Hom),
Reply Posted On :
13 - 8 - 2009

Homeopathy works very well in chronic renal failure but if the paitent has not done any dialysis. Dialysis paitent though respond but take a long term treatment. paitent generally reluctant to adoipt homeopathy treatment when first dignosed with Renal failure but run to the nephrologist with a hope that they will do some magic. But in fact there is no treatment in conventional therapy except the managment. The dialysis and kidney transplant is not the treatment at all. just the managment. So it is really unfortunate that paitent dont look towards the curative aspect of CRF and that can only be possible by homoeopathy if in first stage the paitent is coming to a qualified doctor. Here another thing very important that always choose a qualified homeopath not a quack. In homoeopathy lots of bogus quack are moving. If yo realy want to know what homoeopathy and how it cures tyhen choose a doctor who is well qualified and experienced. CRF can easily be cure by correct classical and organ theraphy. SO PLEASE WAKE UP.... Dont do what all do so that you will always get what you are getting till date.


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