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Treatment for Baldness in Homeopathy

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ALOPECIA ARETA is an auto- immune disease. This may be the first time you have heard that. Some Physicians in Germany discovered that baldness is not just a result of excessive testosterone and hormonal problems in the body. Baldness is actually a disease that results from the body attacking itself. The body actually sees the hair follicles as something growing too fast, and sees this as excessive growth, as something pathological. So it sends its white blood cells, leukocytes, to attack the hair follicles which it considers a foreign invader, and that is why the hair follicles die. The hair follicles are so damaged by the attack of the leukocytes that the hair follicle will let go of its strands and hair falls out. Normally we lose about 80 strands a day. When our hair follicles are damaged, we lose a lot more than 80 hairs, and more fall out than grow in, so eventually you become bald.


This means total hair loss from the whole body. Patients loose hair from under the arms, eyebrows, eyelashes, pubic region, legs, arms, just about from everywhere it is supposed to be growing. 

When the thymus extract is put on the scalp, it aids in the growth of hair wherever it is supposed to be growing on the body. It works exceedingly well for this problem in particular.


A person may have an allergy and the body's immune system will attack the allergen and the hair strand falls out. Another cause of baldness is abuse of street drugs like cocaine and many others which do cause hair loss. Side effects of prescription drugs, especially high blood pressure medication, Nutritional deficiencies, in particular a lack of zinc or iron in your diet may cause hair loss. Toxic metals or heavy metal poisoning is definitely a cause of hair loss. Pesticides and herbicides can cause hair loss. Hair fall out occurs as a result of radiation exposure. In fact if you use a microwave oven you are exposed to radiation. Fungal infections, hair dyes, cancerous moles, hypothyroid disease, genetic tendencies, aging, anti-cancer treatment, skin disorders, alcoholic beverages, and even a reaction to traction from hair braiding are all reasons for hair to fall out.

Other Causes :  

Genetic predisposition: Genes from our parents influence our tendency to have male or female pattern baldness, Severe illness. Iron deficiency, Following child birth. Extreme stress, General anesthesia, Hormonal imbalance, Medical treatments like chemotherapy used in cancer, anticoagulants, beta-adrenergic blockers used to control blood pressure, oral contraceptives and retinoids used in treatment of acne and skin diseases, Burns. X-rays, scalp injuries. Chemicals used in products to dye hair, bleach, perm hair, purify swimming pools. 

Homeopathic Treatment :

Lycopodium :

This drug is frequently prescribed for complaints of hair loss, premature baldness, premature graying of hair. Lycopodium is also one of the commonly prescribed remedies for complaints of the gastro-intestinal organs, reproductive organs, urinary complaints, skin and
respiratory disorders  


Used when hair becomes frowsy and tangled; splits, sticks together at the tips; and if these bunches are cut off, they form again, cannot be combed.

Carbo Vegetabalis:

Has falling of hair after parturition or severe illness. 

Sepia: has losing of hair after chronic headaches. During menopause. 


Bald spots on the head, which are dry and scaly, are characteristic of **Phosphorus. Dandruff, roots of hair get gray and the hair comes out in bunches. 

** Graphites cures bald spots on the sides of the head. The head sweats easily. The most effective remedy in Alopecia areata.

Natrum Muriaticum

Has the symptoms of easy falling out of the hair; it falls out when touched or combed. This is quite frequently seen in nursing home. Hair falling in children.

Phosphoric acid :

Falling of hair from general debility. Premature graying of hair .

**Fluoric acid :

Falling of hair from syphilis. As near specific as is possible.


Home made product to stop hair fall and growth of silky hair

The head should be washed with soap once every two or three weeks or often, if the secretion of the sebaceous glands is very profuse. But too frequent washing impoverishes the hair. When the hair falls off rapidly, and is not replaced, the following hair-wash will be found to be of great use. Olive oil one ounce; Strong liquor ammoniae one drachm, Oil of almonds one ounce; Tincture of cantharides half drachm; Essence of bergamotte ten drops; Spirit of wine two ounces; Distilled water to six ounces; A little of the wash to be rubbed into the hair roots every night.

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