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Autism spectrum disorder and Homeopathy

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Autism is one disability where it seems impossible to cure or heal the patient, but with time and proper mentoring one can cope with this flaw. Autism spectrum disorder deeply impacts the nervous system function and affects the overall cognitive, emotional, social and physical health of the affected individual.

Person suffering from this disorder might fail, or delay to respond to a particular expression or gesture, and ultimately fails to cope with their lives.

Dr Pankaj Aggarwal, Senior Homeopathy Physician at Agrawal Homeo Clinic in New Delhi, says that autism can be treated well with Homeopathy. It takes a few months to sometimes years to get the focus, and that too only if the treatment is started at a tender age, or at the early years of diagnosis.

According to Dr Aggarwal, you should seek the help of a doctor, if your child is -

- Not babbling by 9 months

- Not pointing or gestures by 12 months

- No response to their name by 12 months of age

- No single words by 15 months

- No utterance of two-word phrases by 24 months

- Any loss of communication or language or social skills at any age

- If your infant or child resists cuddling and doesn't respond to his or her environment or to other people

- If your child frequently bangs his or her head or demonstrates self-injurious behaviour or aggression on a regular basis to respond

- If your child demonstrates unusually repetitive behaviour, like repeatedly opening and closing doors or turning a toy car upside down and repeatedly spinning its wheels.

These might be few signs where you should pay attention to, and not oversee the situation. These can be kind of serious for your child, and if diagnosed properly and early can help retrieve your child's disorientation.

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