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Early Ayurvedic Eye Treatment can Prevent Diabetic Retinopathy in Diabetic Patients

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Diabetic Retinopathy can affect up to 80% of patients with diabetes for 10 years or more. Almost 90% of diabetic retinopathy cases can be avoided if a diabetic patient is able to detect it and start treatment in the early stages of the disease itself. The longer a person suffers from diabetes, higher are his chances of having diabetic retinopathy. The worst part is that diabetic retinopathy does not give any signs or symptoms that the patient can understand, until it reaches a stage where vision loss begins. The most important task in successful management of diabetic retinopathy is to identify the disease at its early stage. 

By Ayurvedic methods, this first stage of diabetic retinopathy is treatable. Diabetic patients suffering from Heaviness of the head (especially in the morning), watering of the eyes, occasional blurring of the vision, watering of the eyes while straining with eyes, redness of the eyes after bath etc. need to check for onset of diabetic retinopathy and can be considered as a warning to consult an ophthalmologist. 

The second stage of diabetic retinopathy can be associated with symptoms such as sudden decrease in vision, flashes of light, blurring of vision, and difficulty to face bright light. These happen due to leakages/haemorrhage from blood vessels of the eye. Only an experienced doctor should manage if the disease has reached this condition. According to Ayurvedic treatment, re-absorption chances are there if the leakage is mild. Also, the patient has to be extremely careful since there is a very high risk of recurrence of leakage or leakage from a different point. The main objective of treatment at this point would be to preserve the existing vision.

The third stage of diabetic retinopathy is not completely curable by ayurvedic treatment. Neovascularisation, Retinal detachment etc. may happen eventually leading to complete blindness. 

By Proper Ayurvedic management, we can prevent the onset of diabetic retinopahty in diabetic patients. "Prevention of diabetic retinopathy" is the only effective solution for diabetic patients. There are highly effective preventive methods such as, but not limited to oil applications, specific ophthalmic medications, dietary modifications and systematic external treatment procedures on the eye. These methods will vary from individual to individual, because body constitution, etiological factors, and subjective symptoms are to be considered. Summing up, the primary objective of a diabetic patient has to be prevention of diabetic retinopathy, if he has to live with vision. 

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The author of this post is Dr P K Santhakumari M.D (Ayurveda), Founder of Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital. She has more than 30 years of experience in Ayurvedic ophthalmology both as a teacher and doctor, working as Professor, Govt Ayurveda College Hospital, Trivandrum, Kerala. 


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   Saiyed , Dabhoi
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13 - 3 - 2018

Hello Doctor, I read the details which you provided and I think my Mom is 25th years old diabetic patient.I don't care if it is allopathy or ayurveda but I want my Mon's vision back and clear. If you could help with/without surgery and give a permanent solution then please reply me 9427864007

   Saryu Jindal, Delhi
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6 - 10 - 2016

Hello Doctor, I read the details which you provided and I think my dad is at second stage of diabetic retinopathy. I don't care if it is allopathy or ayurveda but I want my dad's vision back and clear. If you could help with/without surgery and give a permanent solution then please contact me on 9790029053


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