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Diabetes and Homeopathy

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Due to stress, sedentary lifestyle, improper timings of food and unhealthy eating habits most of the people suffer from diabetes. The most common answer, which I get from my patients, is that they have no time for exercise. That's true. Most of them leave the house by 8.30 a.m. and return by 7 p.m or later.

I think companies should give half an hour early morning for Yoga. Some companies do have this facility. This will keep their employees in good health.

Eating right food is also important. One should carry at least one fruit to the office daily. Drink 6-8 glasses of water. Keep some dry fruits like almonds with you. You can have them when you feel tired. Or even simple chana, peanuts are good for health. All these things will keep you healthy.
As soon as diabetes is detected you should start homeopathic medicines.

Important steps in controlling diabetes


Homeopathy: Case taking is done to find out the right remedy. During case taking mental and physical symptoms of the patient are considered. It takes 45-50 minutes for case taking. During case taking all the minute details of the patient are considered. His mental symptoms, physical symptoms, ups and downs he faced in his life, his nature, his emotions, day to day stress, all this is considered and noted. After analysis and evaluation of symptoms a remedy is selected and administered.

Balanced diet: In India, there are different religions and diet of every individual is different. A detail study should be made by taking into consideration the amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins ,vitamins, folic acid, minerals the patient is consuming in his diet. Deficiencies should be noted and diet should be planned by considering likes, dislikes, lifestyle and religion. Plan a diet by making some modifications by adding more servings of fruits and vegetables.

A person's diet cannot be changed completely but can be modified into a balanced diet.
Avoid anything that contains added sugars such as pedha, barfi, sweets, cold drinks, ice cream, and junk food.
Natural sugar found in fruits is not harmful. One fruit a day is very helpful in controlling diabetes.
Barley water is also very beneficial.
Eat fresh jamun (Black Berry) whenever they are available.
Add methi (Fenugreek) seeds in dal or sambar.
Include more servings of green leafy vegetables, salads and pulses in your diet.

Yoga: Enroll yourself for Yoga class. It is necessary that you learn pranayam and perform regularly. Meditation will relieve your mental stress. Relaxation of mind is very important as stress increases your blood sugar levels and it is necessary to reduce your mental stress. This can be achieved only by Yoga, meditation. You will feel better mentally and physically.
Remember God when you are meditating. Initially you will find difficult to meditate but you will learn to meditate gradually.

Exercise: Also engage yourself in some physical activity which you enjoy such as jogging, swimming, dancing or playing badminton. Please take doctor's advice and consider your age before starting any exercise program. Go for a walk not because you are having diabetes but just for leisure. Choose a place which is beautiful amidst nature. Watch the surrounding natural beauty and forget your worries. Listen to the chirping of birds early morning; experience the wet grass below your feet. Watch the dew drops on the petals of flowers. Observe the fog and the natural beauty when the fog moves away from the mountains. It looks beautiful. Suddenly if it starts raining don't run away but enjoy the rains. It's O.K. to get wet in the rains once in a while.

Keep a diary to make a note that you have salads, fruits and pulses daily. When I tell my patient's to have pulses, fruits, leafy vegetables, the answer is 'Oh, we have all this daily', but if you observe we have it for 3-4 days in a week. There may be some people who are very particular about diet and exercise. Keeping a note helps us to improve our diet and we know our faults.

Keep your mind happy which is very important.

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