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Digital Health EMI Network Card: Now pay for treatments not covered by health insurance, on EMIs

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Given the high healthcare costs across the country, a health insurance plan can prove to be vital in your financial toolkit. However, possessing a health cover does not mean 100% financial security as most policies have exclusions based on which your claim can be rejected. So, it is advisable to maintain an emergency fund for large, unexpected medical costs. But, with the high cost of living and economic fluctuations, this can be difficult to follow.

An alternate solution to help you meet healthcare costs not covered by insurance is opting for a Digital Health EMI Network Card. A fully digital health card, this hassle-free solution from Bajaj Finserv can be used to convert medical bills into No Cost EMIs.

The card offers a pre-approved EMI finance limit of up to Rs.4 lakh that gets activated in just 3 clicks and can be used to pay for 800+ treatments at 5,500+ healthcare partners across 1000+ Indian cities.

Read on to know how the Health EMI Network Card complements your existing health insurance and how it is an affordable way to meet medical bills even if you don’t have an insurance policy.

Get up to Rs.4 lakh pre-approved credit for 800+ treatments

Bajaj Finserv offers its customers healthcare EMI financing up to Rs.4 lakh. This is a pre-approved limit, with which you can easily pay for treatments that are outside the purview of your health insurance.

For instance, pre-existing diseases are a common exclusion in health insurance policies. Cancer and diabetes are two prime examples that are common diseases in India. Treatments for these can be both expensive and complex, requiring the best of care and diagnosis.

The Digital Health EMI Network Card provides a ready solution, giving you access to top-notch treatments at multi-speciality hospitals. These include Apollo Hospitals, Manipal Hospitals and Ruby Hall Clinic. Since it is fully digital, you can use your card anywhere in the country.

Split medical costs over up to 24 months

Now that you know what to do for treatments not covered by insurance, take a look at why the Health EMI Network Card is an effective solution. Using this card divides your healthcare costs into affordable monthly instalments, much like insurance premiums.

For instance, heart, lung or liver treatments can result in big bills running into lakhs. Instead of worrying about how to pay up-front or in a lump sum, you can simply use the digital health card and pick a repayment tenor that suits your budget.

Treatment Cost Tenor No Cost EMI amount
Rs.3 lakh 12 months Rs.25,000
Rs.3 lakh 18 months Rs.16,667
Rs.3 lakh 24 months Rs.12,500

Use 1 fully digital card for your entire family and enjoy discounts too

What’s great about Bajaj Finserv’s health card is that you can use it for your entire family. So, in the case of pregnancy-related costs, which are often out of the scope of regular health plans, you can avail maternity care for the mother and the newborn too!

To make things easier on the pocket, Bajaj Finserv has diagnostic centres within its partner network too. This way you have a solution to pay for tests and checks not covered by insurance as well.

Whether you’re at a diagnostic centre or a multi-speciality hospital, you can open your Bajaj Finserv Wallet App to also look for offers to save more.

Some of the current discounts that the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card offers are:
• Rs.247 off on tele-consultation bookings worth above Rs.1,000 at Apollo Hospitals with the code BAJAJ247
• 20% discount on in-house pathology tests at Metropolis Lab outlets & on home visits

So, apply for the health card online to check your pre-approved offer and pay for treatments not covered by insurance!

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