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5 Reasons why an online personal loan is your best travel buddy

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Gone are the days when you had to save all year long to go on vacation. Today, you can live in the moment, and an instant personal loan can help you plan a getaway even at the nth minute. Studies show that personal loans for travel are more popular than ever, buoyed by the ease of access to financing offered by reputed financial institutes. Today, you can easily apply for an online personal loan from the lender of your choice and plan a memorable vacation to the shores of Maldives or the sand dunes of Dubai.

Read on to know how an online personal loan can help you have the best holiday experience.

1. You get a high loan amount to cover every expense
A vacation, especially if you have chosen an international destination, can be an expensive affair. It includes paying for plane tickets, accommodation, excursions, tours and food, among others. An online personal loan helps you tackle these costs without any stress. Further, when you apply for a Personal Loan for Travel from Bajaj Finserv, you get access to financing of up to Rs.25 lakh at a cost-effective personal loan interest rate personal loan interest rate. Also, there are no restrictions on how you can use this amount. You can use the funds to travel internationally, domestically or even add a destination to your vacation itinerary.

2. You can repay your loan over a tenor of your choice
When making a personal loan application online, you can use the EMI calculator to plan for repayment to avoid ad-hoc borrowing. The online tool helps you apply for funding based on your repayment capacity. It forecasts your monthly instalments by accounting for the principal, personal loan interest rate, and the tenor chosen. Lenders like Bajaj Finserv offer a flexible tenor of up to 60 months, which means that you can space out your vacation’s expenses according to your monthly income.

3. You can opt for Flexi Loan facilities to tackle unplanned expenses
Vacation planning requires hours of research. However, no matter how meticulously you go about the process, you probably won’t be able to plan every detail and foresee all costs. To prevent unexpected expenses from dampening your holiday spirit, consider Bajaj Finserv’s Flexi Loan facility. Here, you can withdraw from your approved sanction in parts, as per your needs, be it for a day cruise or an unforeseen medical appointment. Moreover, interest is charged on the withdrawn amount only, and not on the entire amount sanctioned. For an initial part of the tenor, you can also choose to pay only interest as EMIs.

4. You get funds on simple personal loan eligibility terms
As personal loans are unsecured loans unsecured loans, they are rather simple to avail. To ensure that you qualify for one even more easily, it’s advisable that you pick a lender that has minimal personal loan eligibility criteria. When you choose Bajaj Finserv, for instance, you can expedite the application process as the relaxed personal loan eligibility criteria pertain to your age, citizenship, monthly salary and employment. Once you fulfil these criteria, Bajaj Finserv offers approval in just 5 minutes.

5. You can apply from anywhere, at any time
Once you meet the eligibility criteria, all you need to do to apply online by filling a short form. Provide your basic personal, financial and employment information, and submit the form along with a handful of documents. With a simple and straightforward application process you can apply while you’re on the go, as per your convenience, and get disbursal with 24 hours of application approval.

If you require funds even quicker, make it a point to check your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv. You can access an instant personal loan for travel through a customised deal by providing your name and contact number.


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