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Top Insurance providers

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In the recent times, having insurance is indeed essential especially when it comes to life insurance. Often times, people don't opt for insurance policies as they consider it nothing more than a piece of paper, isn't it? Have you ever thought what if your expensive corporate assets get robbed? Or your only employed family member deceases? It is worth noting that insurance policy can help you be prepared for the forthcoming situations. Here is the list of the Top Insurance providing Companies in India:

1. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)
Being in the market for years now, LIC is still leading the Indian Insurance Companies. After accomplishing the bill of the LIC act, the Company came into existence in 1956. The Company is a renowned name and is perhaps the most preferable insurance providers. As per the reports, the company has successfully traded around 2,04,04,281 insurance policies till date.

2. Reliance Life Insurance
The RLI belongs to Reliance group and is one of the ruling private sector financial services as per the total net worth estimation. Also, it is positioned among first 3 leading insurance companies in India with selling approximately 6, 98,109 insurance policies.

3. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
With an amazing reputation in the Indian market, the company has been operating for years now. ICICI provides a wide variety of insurance policies to cater to the diverse requirements of the insurers. During the last financial year, ICICI Prudential Wealth Builder II gained a lot of popularity and appreciation.

4. SBI Life Insurance
SBI Life Insurance is a collaboration of France-based BNP Paribas (the largest insurance company in the private sector and 3rd most reliable organizations of India) and India’s biggest bank i.e., State Bank of India (SBI). Undoubtedly, it offers top-notch customer services along with an array of life insurance products. What’s more? It has a claim settlement ratio of no less than 95%.

5. HDFC Standard Life Insurance
In terms of total business volume, HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company ranks 3rd in the catalog of top-most private insurance providers in India. Its services including but not limited to HDFC Click2 Protect Plus as well as HDFC Click2 Invest has proven to be outstanding in the Indian market. The company has gained a lot of popularity especially due to its high customer complaints resolved and healthy claim settlement ratio.

6. Max Life Insurance
Max Life Insurance has been awarded for resolving most customer claims, with a ratio of 97% as well as complaints in 2015. The surprising fact is that this Insurance Company has resolved 100% of customer grievances (that's quite impressive, isn't it?). It has a network of several agents and approximately 200 branches.

Note that insurance might not be suitable for the individuals that demand an immediate outcome. So if you want to safeguard your family, assets, and other valuables, it is worth getting insured. You can find the list and details of the Top Insurance Companies in and choose the most appropriate Company. Good Luck

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