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No more worries: Here are some GST software and apps that help taxpayers to be GST Compliant

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The country has by now prepared itself for the biggest tax reform as we have moved forward nearly about 9 months since the enrollment of GST tax law. The road ahead in this journey is being accompanied by companies that are coming up with different software and apps which will help the taxpayer file complex GST returns. Here are a list of apps and software to simplify GST for users.

Tally. ERP 9 Release 6 : The software developed by Tally Solutions aims to make the transactions and compliance under GST hassle-free and simple for all businesses. This ERP software is simple to set up and fast in enabling GST invoicing, printing and filing. The software comes with a unique error prevention, detection and correction capabilities.

CBEC GST app: The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) launched a GST app to help taxpayers make a smooth transition to the new indirect tax regime. The app provides toll-free numbers and videos, reading materials on GST and also helps in migrating the taxpayers to GST. It walks you through different steps to be followed for migration to GST. It also addresses taxpayers' queries about the new indirect tax regime. At present, the app is available on the android platform.

Deloitte India GST: The app developed by consultancy firm Deloitte provides latest insights into GST from the company's tax specialists. The app helps taxpayers remain up to date with the recent news and views about the new tax regime.

Tally. ERP 9 Community Forums: The Forum is an online discussion forum where youth or even the experienced professionals discuss their queries related to and get answers for their questions from other talented individuals. An online discussion can be started by asking questions, helping others with answers. The best part is that it is very simple and is free of cost. Tally has started this as an initiative to drive the goals of GST India and to reflect the same in the products they feature.

Whatever GST software we choose, thereís always a decision-making process which is followed prior to choosing a GST software. The selection and implementation of a new GST Software is probably the most critical IT decision you and your organization will ever make Ė itís not an easy task identifying which of the available solutions will meet your organizationís evolving requirements. A GST software will have a huge impact on the success and growth of your organization, so it is important to follow a structured selection process when choosing your system. In this article we have stressed on GST software selection process, identifying GST ready software, expectations from a GST software and so on.

The first step in selection process is to make an assessment of business and find the best suiting needs of your business in the changed scenario of GST. This should be then followed up by appointment of selection team which will identify the best GST software by a thorough analysis. But at the same time the selection team must also keep in mind, the resource constraints which the business is operating and select such GST software which is well within the limits of the business. And this is possible only by having some determined selection criteria in mind. After you decide on the GST software the next step is to seek for vendors who are offering such product and shortlist them on the merits of features offered, competitive rates, after sale service score, adaptability to changes and so on. Now the final step in selection process is to communicate your choice to vendors over mail, SMS or by any means and ask for demo of the product and get the complete satisfaction after which you can formalize the plans considering the business needs and synchronizing and fitting the same in the GST software selected by you.

But before making an idea of GST Software buy on our decision pad one needs to ask a question to himself to know whether the software he or she or it is buying is fully GST ready. How can we know that whether a particular software is GST ready or not? Ask whether?

The GST software is capable of creating GST complaint transactions
It could print GST invoice or bills
Is it capable in maintaining books of accounts?
Itís capable of transmitting the data online on GSTN network
There exists a triangulation between error Ė solving capability
It could upload verified transactions to GSTN network to minimize any back and forth due to errors.

And if you find your answers to be yes. Then yes, the GST software you have chosen is GST complaint and GST ready to find a place in your business environment.

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   Yash, indore
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26 - 10 - 2018

I have used one of them software and I can easily handle my GST. Thanks for sharing this. I think this blog will help others also.


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