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Trellis Stitch

Trellis Stitch
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Learn hand embroidery from easy step by step video and picture tutorial.

In hand embroidery, Trellis stitch is usually used as a filler to fill large areas of fabric, which can be stitched closely or far apart.



First work long vertical stitches across the given area. Make sure they are evenly spaced. Then work long horizontal stitches over the first stitches.
start working

In order to start working the trellis stitch, draw a box comprising 5 rows and 5 columns using a pen then start making long vertcal stitches through the lines drawn.

horizontal stitches

Then work horizontal stitches over the first stitches.

Tie stitches

Tie stitches in place at each intersection with a half cross stitch or a full cross stitch.

french knot

For an even more decorative effect try making a french knot or star filling stitch in the center of each square.


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