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Vegetable Print

Vegetable Print
Contributed by- Gracey Anand , Kochi , India
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Vegetable Print
Materials :



Ladies Finger


Fabric Paint





›› Cloth

Vegetable printing  is a simple art that even small children can try out.  You  need only some vegetables, a piece of cloth and fabric paints to make the print.  Vegetables can be cut lengthwise or breadth wise to make beautiful patterns of flowers, leaves, etc. according to your ideas. Here is an example for you.

Cut the Capsicum into two pieces

 Take one capsicum and cut it into two pieces.

Applying fabric Paint on the brim

Apply fabric paint of your choice carefully on the brim of the capsicum piece. Take care not to smudge. 

Punch the painted capsicum on the cloth

Punch the painted capsicum on the cloth to make petals of a flower. 

Punch the painted ladies finger to make leaves

Cut the ladies finger lengthwise to make leaves and breadth wise to make small flower designs.

punch at the center of the flower.

Punch with the small flower design in the center of the flowers.

Punch the corners

If you want to  make the design more attractive you can punch the small flower designs in the corners of the cloth. Choose contrast colour paints for effect.


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Pushpa, Tirupathi
June 21, 2018
Excellent work &well explained
naveena kapoor, lko
April 23, 2018
nice i want to make my project it a very easy and nice pattern for me
Preethy, Pune
October 24, 2017
loved it. needed for my project
Sandhya, perambra
October 6, 2017
Sneha, Greater noida
November 2, 2016
Brilliant idea.. Help in my project!!!
Dr.Nidhi baslas, Agra
August 1, 2014
Very nice, especially the way u explain is so easy tht even a small kid can understand.
Abhirami, Chennai
July 8, 2014
Very nice design!
Sahana, Tumkur
March 5, 2014
It is nice, and show other types Purpose of Education for kids.
Angelin Mercy, Tamilnadu
November 21, 2013
Its so nice. Vegetable painting was good. beginners can easily learn this and can do this.v need much more like this. Thank you.
Kareena Mohanlal, Trinidad
May 20, 2012
The definition was very helpful. Thanks a lot because I really needed it. :)
nilam darji, India
April 28, 2011
It's really good.it written in easy language so children also can understand very well.but i want histry of vegetable printing.
rohit kumar , newdelhi
February 15, 2011
very good and it`s work for children.
Sandhya Dinesh, calicut, kerala.
August 6, 2010
nice work...thankuuuuu
Lovepreet, India
July 17, 2010
its good but not exellent
Anuradha, mumbai
July 9, 2010
superb vegetable print or block printing .who is this working it? Thanks for sharing.
Sudipta Das , Saltlake
May 3, 2010
This sight help me most to do my craftwork.thank u
Nalini, Chennai
April 23, 2010
Very nice .Show me some examples.