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Tulsi Ghat

Tulsi Ghat, named after the famous 16th century poet Tulsidas is located near the Assi ghat. This poet who composed the great Indian epic, Ramcharitmanas has spent many years in varanasi till his death in 1623A.D. Legend has it that when his manuscript fell into the river Ganga, it kept floated instead of sinking and disintegrating. Earlier known as Lolark ghat, the place is a center of cultural activities. Ramlila, the stage representation of the story of Lord Rama was staged here for the first time and to commemorate this, a temple of Lord Rama was built on the Tulsi ghat. Many reminiscences of Tulsidas has been preserved here which includes the samadhi of the poet, his wooden clogs, pillow, an idol of Hanuman which he used to worship and a piece of wood from the boat which is used by him to cross the river Ganga, etc. 

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