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Harishchandra Ghat

Harishchandra Ghat is one among the important cremation ghats (the other being Manikarnika Ghat) is the city named after king Harishchandra. Legends has it that King Harishchandra had once worked here as a Dom (caretaker of the crematorium) for the perseverance of truth and charity. According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that a person cremated at the Harishchandra ghat would attains salvation or "moksha".  Some times referred as Adi Manikarnika, this cremation ghat was renovated in 1740 by a saint named Narayana Dikshit and in the late 1980's it was modernized and an electric crematorium was opened. The place also houses an imposing temple with beautiful structures of Harishchandra, Vriddha Kedara and Adi Manikanteshwara.

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