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Sankata Devi Temple

Located above the Sankata Ghat, is the ancient Sankata Devi Temple dedicated to Godess of Remedy, Sankata Devi. The goddess is believed to be an old lady who protect her devotees from danger and remove obstacles. She is regarded as one of the Matrikas (mother) and in Puranas the goddess is called as Vikat Matrika (Fierce Matrika). Matrikas are feminine powers who helped Devi in fighting the demons Shumbh and Nishumbh.

Sankata Devi Temple houses a 4 to 5 feet tall idol of the Devi with ten hands which is said to be a self-manifested. On the right and left of the idol of the goddess, there are idol of Hanuman and Bhairav respectively. Fridays are considered as auspicious day for worshiping Sankata Devi. Within the temple premises, there is a magnificent statue f a lion, a big Shivlingam and a Banyan tree which enshrines the idols of Lord Ganesh and Hanuman. 

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