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Kaal Bhairav Temple

The ancient Kaal Bhairav temple, situated in Vishesharganj near the intersection of Chauli Road and Kabir Chaura Road, is one among the nine Bhairav temples in the city. This highly revered shrine is devoted to Kaal Bhairav, a fearsome manifestation of Lord Shiva (wearing skull garland and carrying a club of peacock feathers), who cut off the fifth head of Brahma. Kaal means not only black but also death and fate and legends says that even death is afraid of Kaal Bhairav. The main deity is also called as 'Black Terror' or 'Kotwal of Varanasi' which means the guardian of Kashi, who occupies the position of a watchman with a dog ( his vehicle). The part of the city in which this temple stands is known as Kotwalpuri. 

The shrine of Kaal Bhairav is located in the center of a fine courtyard and one can enter the temple complex from the street through a door protected by Bhairav's mount, the dog. The idol of the lord decorated with a garland of skulls can be seen inside the temple carrying a bunch of peacock feathers and it is seated upon a dog. The face of the idol is silver coloured and the other parts is said to the pot bellied. Only the face can be seen through the doorway of inner sanctum while the other parts are hidden behind a cloth drapery. A sacred thread is available at the temple known as Kashi threads that is believed to give protection against evil forces. Kaal Bhairav temple is the only temple which miraculously escaped from the hands of Aurangzeb.

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