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Panki Hanuman Temple

The ancient Panki Hanuman Temple, located on the border of Kanpur at Panki area is about 8kms from Kanpur railway station and main bus stand. This small temple devoted to Lord Hanuman has a magnificent statute of the lord in a standing position facing east. The temple is having three entrance from the east, north and west. The idol with lot of embossed silver artwork has an interesting feature. In the morning, the deity's face appears bright and childish as Bala Hanuman (Balargha sathrusha annanaha), at noon the face seems to be youthful ( Brahmachari) and by evening it appears mature as an adult (Maha Purush).

The temple is believed to have been founded by Mahant Sri Sri 1008 Purushottam Dasji Maharaj. There is a story behind the existence of the temple. It is said that during the pilgrimage to Chitrakoot on a bullock cart, the Maharaj had stopped near Chitrakoot for his morning prayers and while continuing the journey after prayer, he stumbled upon a rock like thing. It was an idol of Lord Hanuman and by divine intuition the king carried the idol with him in the bullock cart. When the crew reached Panki, the Maharaj found that the bullock cart was unable to move because of the heavy load of the Lord. The king installed the idol according to the divine direction and then onwards people started worshipping Lord Hanuman. Later a small temple was built here which came to be known as Panki Hanuman Temple. 

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  By :  Sanjay Tripathi smiley
  Jan 10, 2015 11:11:37 PM | Kanpur Reply to this Comment/ Review
Once you visit the temple, the magic of temple will make you visiting again and again

  By :  Simran smiley
  May 30, 2011 10:46:00 AM | Kanpur Reply to this Comment/ Review
It is an amazing place One visit is a must