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Papanasm is a holy place situated on the western Ghats of Pothigai Hills about 42 km west of Thirunelveli. The natural beauty of this place is enhanced by the Agasthiyar falls by which the Tamparani river descends into the plains. The water drops from a height of 100m over a wall of rock is covered on both sides by forested hills of the Western Ghats. The water here is believed to wash away all sins and there is a legend associated with the falls. According to that, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati appeared before the great saint Agasthiya on the banks of the Tamirabarani river. A temple named Papavinaswehwara temple is situated near the waterfall which was built in memory of the God's visit. One can reach the Agasthiyar Falls and the temple by trekking a distance of 3 kms.

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