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Holy Trinity Cathedral

Located 3kms from Thirunelveli at Palayamkottai is one of the oldest and beautiful church named Holy Trinity Cathedral built by Rev Rhenius in 1826. It took only 175 days for its construction at an expense of Rs.2000/- that was given as donations by the people belongs to different religions . With the passage of time, further developments, expansions and reconstruction works have been made. The major attraction of the church is the large majestic tower called Oosi Gopuram measuring a height of 158 feet and it is considered as the landmark of Thirunelveli city. In that tower, there is a clock that was set during 1850 and is still in working condition. Another specialty of the church is a bell which was imported from England and installed in the same period.

The church was raised to the status of a Cathedral in the year 1940 by the Bishop Stephen Nellai. The Cathedral plays a vital role in spiritual uplift of the people along with the material uplift of providing education, distributing free food and clothing and helping them to construct their houses. 

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