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Nehru Park

Located near the city center (2kms from the city), Nehru Park is one of the beautiful parks of Jodhpur, mainly meant for the welfare, and entertainment of the children. The park was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister, Shri Mohan Lal Sukhadia on 7th September 1966. Spreads over an area of 14 acres of land, Nehru park consists of pond, swings, fountain, flowerbeds, trees, plants etc. There is a beautiful flower garden in the park with varieties of roses and lilies. The significant fragrance of the garden gives a rejuvenating experience to the visitors.

Earlier this area was occupied with a pond named Bakhat Sagar, which was gradually polluted by the wastewater. In order to prevent the pollution, the upper part of the pond was converted to Bakhat Sagar residential colony and the lower part to Nehru Park. 

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