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Mandore Gardens

Mandore, the ancient capital of Marwar lies 13 kms north of Jodhpur city center. The place has an extensive garden called Mandore Garden which is beautifully laid with high rock terraces and fountains. The garden is surrounded by various types of trees and the shrubs are trimmed in various sizes and shapes. Mandore garden is open to public daily from sunrise to sunset. 

Mandore garden houses a royal cenotaphs of Rathore rulers, built with red sand stone on a high plinth, with fine columns and an elegant spire and elaborate carvings. The temple shaped memorial of Maharaja Ajit Singh and the memorial of Maharaja Jaswant Singh are the largest and the finest among the cenotaphs. The cenotaphs of the Maharani are built on a rocky outcrop over the hill. 

The 'Hall of Heroes' in the garden contains 16 gigantic figures, carved out of a single rock. These vividly painted figures represent various deities and mythical Rajput folk heroes. A shrine of 330 million Gods brightly painted with figures of Gods, spirits and divinities is also worth seeing. Mandore garden also had a small museum that houses the sculptures from 5th to 9th century, ivory and lacquer work etc. The museum is opened on all days from 10 am to 4 pm, except Fridays.

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