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Nav Sati

Nav Sati is a fair held on the banks of river Ban Ganga in Bifara Tehsil of Jodhpur in memory of nine women, who had committed sati (an ancient custom of sacrificing ones life at the funeral pyre of the husband) at this place. It is celebrated every year in the March or April month with great enthusiasm and fervor. The women folk of Jodhpur have special significance to the Nav Sati festival. During the festival day early in the morning, they take a bathe in the Banganga river, adorn bright clothes and pray to goddess Parvati or Gauri who is regarded as the epitome of devotion and love. They gather in groups and enjoy themselves by exchanging sweets and sing and dance to the beat of the drums. People of Rajasthan treat Sati as an incarnation of Goddess Gauri (Durga) who sacrificed herself for her Lord. 

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