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Elephant Festival

Elephant festival is one of the most important festival held annually during Holi in the month of Phalgun (March/April) at Jaipur Chagan Stadium, where elephants are the center of attraction. The festival begins with a procession of decorated elephants, camels and horses, followed by dynamic performances of folk dancers. Chariots, lancers on horses, cannon and palanquins can also be seen in this procession. The scenes from the royal past of Rajasthan are recreated in this procession.

The elephants are beautifully painted on the foreheads, trunks and feet with floral designs and attractively dressed with embroidered velvets with valuable gems and jewellery from tusk to tail. It is very interesting to watch the elephants that stride majestically parading their decorated trunks and tusks. They greet the visitors and offer garlands to the guests and walk past the ramp before a jury of experts and tourists. The most beautifully decorated elephant will be awarded with the ‘Best decorated Elephant’ Shield.The main attraction of the festival is the elephant races and the elephant-polo games. In the polo game all the players are dressed up in saffron and red turbans and try to score goals with long sticks and a plastic football for their teams. The most hilarious highlight of the festival is a tug of war between elephants and men. Other noticeable feature of the festival is that only female elephants will participate in the event.

Elephant festival is attended by large number of Indians and foreign tourists.As a part of the festival a 'Gaj Shringar' exhibition is also conducted that displays everything connected with the elephant like ornaments, textiles (Jhoo), howdahs and carriages, paintings, medicines and food. The grant event finally reaches to its conclusion with a brilliant firework display. 

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