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Diwali at Golden Temple

Diwali- the festival of lights that usually falls on the second half of October or in early November is celebrated in the Golden Temple with great fervor. The festivities start a day earlier than the general Diwali and come to a close 3 day after Diwali. A large number of poets and singers will participate in the religious congregations which are held at Manji Sahib, Akal Takhat and Baba Atal.

On the festival day, pilgrims take a holy dip in the sacred tank in the early morning by reciting Japji Sahib, circumambulation the tank and thereafter, they go to the temple for paying their obeisance. They make offering in form of cash , flowers, candy-drops and parched-rice grains , but the main offerings are of karah parshad, which is prepared and sold to the pilgrims by the management.

During the festive days, the temple and its surroundings are illuminated with a chain of colourful lights. The border of the tank is lined up with candles and small earthen lamps lighted and fed with mustard oil are floated in the tank. All the surrounded buildings near the temple are adorned with colourful lights.

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