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Vedvyas (originally called Parasara Munda), situated about 14kms from Rourkela on the bank of river Brahmani, is considered as a secret place. Believed to be the birth place of Vedavyasa (earlier known as Krishna Dwipayana), the author of the great epic 'Mahabharata', the place was named after him. Also considered as 'Tirtha'- a place of religious sanctity, Vedvyas consists of three temples, two dedicated to Lord Shiva and one to Lord Rama. The major attractions of Vedvyas are Vedic Ashram, a school on the lines of Gurukula Ashram and the Vyas cave (Vyas gumpha) said to be the hermitage of Vyas, situated on an island in the middle of river Shankha, which can be accessible only by boat. There is a tunnel connected the cave with a river called Vyasa Kund, which lies behind the Sankirtana Mandap. The depth of the Vyas Kund is more than 40 feet and less than 50 feet.

River Brahmani was formed by the confluence of the rivers Shankha, Koel and Saraswati. The waters of the three rivers at the confluence has three different colors. The water of Shankh is whitish color, Koel is quite black and that of Saraswati is sweet and transparent. The triangular plot of land located between Shankha and Koel is known as Yamuna Plateau (Dhipa). There is a group of small hills near Brahmani river. The hill located near the river is the Mahavir hill, that lying to the east is the Parasara hill, to the nort is the Brahmani hill and that lying to the north-east is the Gautami hill.

Vedvyas is an abode of several temples such as the ancient Sri Balunkeshwara Mandir, Sri Biswanath Mandir, Sri Chandrasekhar Mandir, Sri Durga Mandir, Sri Hanuman Mandir, Jagannatha Mandir, Sri Raghunath Mandir and Saraswati Mandir that lies between Vyas Kunda and Vyas gumpha. The Vedvyas Shiv temple has a Shiva Lingam made of soft and precious black stone.

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