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St. James Church

Located near the jail reservoir and the Thane town head post office, St. James Church alias the English church is an ancient church built in 1825. The church boasts of construction rich in Gothic architecture with length of 90 feet, width 60 feet and height from the top of the steeple at 70 feet. At the main entrance of the church, there are 6 tall pillars measuring a height of 15 feet which is surrounding a magnificent 350 square feet and 24 feet high porch made of Greek stone. The main centre of the church is adorn with wooden ceiling and it is 55 feet long, 33 feet wide with a height of 24 feet. The white marbled baptismal font is places on the eastern side near the second entrance facing the cemetery. The church which was managed by the Government until the dawn of Independence, is now under the administration of the Bombay Diocesan Trust Association.

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