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Punnathoor Kotta

Punnathoor Kotta or Fort, once the abode of the Punnathoor Zamorin (ruler) is now home to elephants brought as ritual offerings to the Sree Krishna Temple Guruvayoor by the devotees. Here the elephants, over 50 in number are trained and groomed in the green wooded environs of the vast compound of the fort. A tour to the fort, just 2kms from the Guruvayoor temple and 35km from Trichur, will give tourists a chance to see these huge animals at close quarters in a domestic environment. One can see elephants being trained, fed and groomed and the traditional method of restorative treatment given to them. There are water tanks inside the fort for bathing the elephants. The center known as 'Aanathavalam' (elephant abode) is managed by the Guruvayoor Sree Krishna temple Devaswom authorities.

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