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Thrissur City Facts


Thrissur, the beautiful cultural hub of Kerala and a land of colourful festivals, lies on the west end of Palakkad gap through the low pass between the Nilgiris and the Palani hills. The city derives its name from 'Thiru-Shiva Perur' meaning the town of Lord Shiva. The central and the most important feature of Thrissur is the Vadakkumnathan Kshetram (temple) where the reigning deity is Lord Shiva. The city is famed for its world renowned annual Pooram festival held in April-May and the University for Art and Culture, Kerala Kala Mandalam.


Area : 3032 Sq.Kms.
Population : 3, 63,816 (2001 Cencus)
Season : September to April
STD Code : 0487
Rain Fall : 254 cm
Temperature : 22.5oC -  35oC
Literacy : 86%