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Valamchuzhy Temple

Sree Bhuvaneswary temple in Valamchuzy, one of the most famous and ancient temples in South India, is believed to be built over 2000years ago. Located about 4.5kms from Pathanamthitta, this temple dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathy is surrounded by the sacred achankovil river on three sides. The sword and the chilambu kept at this temple is believed to had been brought from Kodungaloor Bhagavathy Temple. The temple premises has a 'Sarpakavu' which is a home to a large variety of rare medicinal herbs.

The festival of the temple which is celebrated for a period of 4 months, commences from the Malayalam month of Makaram and ends in the month of Medam (January-April). Makarabarani, Kumbhabharani, Meena Bharani and Meda Bharani are the festivals celebrated during these days. The festival of Makarabarani starts with kodiyeetu (flag hoisting) on the Punartham day in Makaram and it lasts for 10 days. Kumbhabharani is the Pongala celebration held in the month of Kumbham. On this day nivedyam is offered to the Goddess by the women and it is believed that viewing the goddess in all her glory at this time will free one from all sins and evils. Meena Bharani festival celebrations starts in the month of Meenam on the Revathy day and ends on the Bharani day. The famous padayani celebrations also coincide with this festival. The festival of Meda Bharani which is as old as the temple, is celebrated by serving meals to the devotees irrespective of caste and creed. This meal is prepared out of the yields from the paddy fields under the control of the temple and is considered sacred, it is believed that intake of this meal will give God's blessings.

Special ceremonies held in the temple are Aaillayapooja and Parazhumallippu. Aaillayapooja is celebrated in the Malayalam month of thulam to gratify the Serpent Gods. Parazhumallippu begins in the Malayalam month of Kumbham and ends in the month of medam on the vishu day. It covers every Hindu family in Pathanamthitta Municipality, pramadam and the Mylapra Panchayats. On this occasion, devotees present tender coconuts and seeds as their offerings. 
Contact Address
Valamchuzhy Devaswam
Mallasserry P.O, Pathanamthitta - 689646
Phone : +91 468 2333100
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