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Chakkulathukavu Temple

Chakkulathukavu Temple

Chakkulathukavu temple dedicated to Goddess Durga (Bhagavathy), is situated at Neerettupuram, 12km westward from Thiruvalla, on the border of Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha District. The famous rivers of Pampa and Manimala are flowing on either side of the temple. Popularly known as Sabarimala of women, this temple believed to be 3000 years old was renovated in 1981. It is said that Chakkulathamma, as the goddess is commonly called, has special affinity towards children and women. The illuminating idol of Vana Durga with eight holy hands is installed near the original idol. The idols of Lord Shiva, Sastha, Vishnu, Vinayaka, Muruka, Yakshi, Serpent Gods and Navagrahas are installed as Upa Devas.

The temple is located in a forest. There is an interesting story behind the origin of the temple. It is said that one day a hunter came long with his wife and children to this forest for collecting firewood. Seeing a serpent moving towards him, the hunter attacked it with his axe, but it slipped away. In search of the snake, he reached near a lake and saw a 'chithalputtu' (sand mount) which resembled a decorated golden chain and saw the snake inside it. Realizing that it was the same snake, he once again hit it with the axe but this time also it disappeared. Following the words of the hermit (none other than Narada) who appeared before him, the hunter broke the shell and saw the image of Goddess Vanadurga inside it. From that time onwards the place turned out to be a religiously outstanding one.

Several festivals are observed in the temple like naree pooja, the first Friday, pandrandu noyampu, thirkkarthika, kalamezhuthu and nirapara. The main festival among them is the thirkkarthika celebrated on the Malayalam month Vrischikam (November/December). A large number of women offer ‘pongala’ on this auspicious day.

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Chakkulathukavu Sree Bhagavathi Temple  
Neerettupuram P.O., Thiruvalla, Kerala, India
Phone: 0477-2213550
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