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Chittur Kongan Pada

Kongan Pada, the only war festival in Kerala is a festival of ritual drama associated with Chittur Kavu Bhagavathy Temple. The festival is held every year on the first Monday after the new moon in the Malayalam month Kumbam. i.e in the month of February/ March. Chittur Kongan Pada is celebrated to commemorate the victory of Nair's of Chittoor against King Rajadhi Raja of Kong dynasy from Coimbatore. Chitturians believe that Goddess Bhagavathy saved them from the Chola King.

The festival celebration commences with 'chilambu' which recalls Konganpada’s declaration of war, followed by the flag hoisting ceremony the next morning indicating their willingness for the war. In the evening, people gather near the temple premise. After three popgun shots, they march as a procession to the place called 'Arippathattuu' which is supposed to be the battleground. The procession is guided by the velichapadu (oracle) while others follow him with torches held aloft. At midnight, they return from the battleground and the procession resumes the next day from the nearby Vettakkorumakan Kavu. During this procession girls will decent in men's wear and cultural programmes will also be staged. It will encircle the temple in the evening and a messenger from Konganpada reads a scroll declaring the war. The symbolic war begins by night and to recreate a battlefield like situation, the rival groups run their horses to and fro. During the battle a few persons pretend to be dead; when the Kongan team retreats, the festival comes to an end with an hour-long percussion.

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