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Palakkad City Facts

The picturesque tourist destination, Palakkad alias Palghat is a dreamy land of misty mountains with its ever green tropical forests, dams, wild life sanctuaries, rivers, rare birds and animals. Branded as the chief granary and gate way to Kerala, this district lies at the foot of the 960 km long Western Ghats on the Kerala- Tamil Nadu border. The place derives its name from Pala (an indigenous tree which once densely occupied the land) and Kadu (forest). Known for its historical background, it once housed the capitals of two Kingdoms such as Palakkad and Kollengode. The district is bordered by the Sahya Ranges of Western ghats and on either side of the 32 k.m. long Palakkad Gap are the vast Nilgiri Hills and the colossal Anamalai ranges.


Area : 4480 Sq.Kms. 
Population : 2,617,072
Season : September to February
STD Code : 0491
Rain Fall : 4.244 mm
Temperature : 21.15oC -  33.3oC
Literacy : 984.31%