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Lokanarkavu Temple

Lokanarkavu temple which is associated with the heroes and heroines of the Vadakkanpattu combines an arresting simplicity and a legendary aura. Dedicated to Goddess Durga known by the name Lokanarkavil Amma, this temple is situated at Memunda, 4 km from Vadakara town (48 km north of Kozhikode). Apart from the main shrine which is believed to be more than 1500 years old, there are two more shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva and Vishnu. A notable feature in the temple premises is the three rock cut caves artfully engraved with beautiful carvings and fascinating murals. This temple is said to be in Athythama state while most of the other Goddess temples in Kerala are in Madhyama and rarely in Uthama state. The temple is open to the devotees from 5 am to 11 am and 5 pm to 8 pm every day.

Two festivals are celebrated here annually in the Malayalam months of Vrischikam (November-December) and Meenam (March/April).Pooram that is celebrated in March- April is a week long festival which begins with Kodiyettam (flag hoisting) and concludes with Arattu. Mandala Utsavam alias Mandalavilakku festival held in Vrischikam is the major festival that lasts for 41 days. Thacholikali, a peculiar folk dance that resembles the martial art Kalarippayattu, is performed during the festival by a group of people known as Theeyampadi Kurup.

The legendary martial hero, Thacholi Othenan was a great devotee of the goddess 'Lokanarkavil Amma'. He used to seek her blessings before going for any duel, and even today Kalaripayattu artists seek her blessings before their debut. 

Vadakara (4km) is the nearest railway station and the nearest airport Karipur, is 87km away. 

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