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Sree Mahalingeshwara Temple

Mahalingeshwara temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located in the scenic village of Adoor, 45 kms east of Kasargod. This 13th century temple on the southern bank of river Payaswini is believed to have been founded by Arjuna, the mythical Pandava archer. Legend has it that it is at Adoor where 'Kiratha Yudham', the battle between Lord Siva and Arjuna took place. The walls of the temple is adorned with colourful paintings of Ganapati and Sashta and the roofs are exquisitely carved with the scenes from holy scripts. The transliterated inscription of Sanskrit in Kannada script in the temple shows that it is someway related to the Western Chalukya King Kirthivarman II of 745-755 AD.

The annual festival of the temple is celebrated in the month of February/ March. The festival that lasts for a week, commence with the temple flag hoisting (Dhwaja Arohanam) on the 27th of Kumbham and concludes with the holy dip (Avabhritha Snanam) in the water of Payaswini on the 4th of Meenam. During the festive days, Kathakali and other theatrical performances are staged. Makara Samkramam is another important festival celebrated here with much zeal. According to the mythology, a Harijan, discovered the Shiva lingam while he was on his way to his work. Makara Samkramam is held to commemorate that event and on this day Sahasra Kumbha Abhishekam and feeding of the poor and the needy people are held. 

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