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Madiyam Kovilakam Temple (Ajanur Bhagavathi Temple)

Situated at Ajanur at a distance of 5kms from Kanhangad, the Madiyam Kovilakam temple is the abode of Goddess Bhadrakali. Apart from the main deity, the temple contains other deities like Kshetrapalan, Bhagavathi and Bhairavan. This ancient temple has intricate wood carvings on Palazhimadhanam, Sitaswayamvaram and Dakshayagam. Here, the morning and the evening pooja's (worship) are held by a sect called Maniyanis while the noon poojas are performed by Brahmin priests.

The temple festivals namely 'Kalasam' and 'Pattulsavam' are celebrated respectively in the months of Edavam (May/ June) and Dhanu (December/ January). Among the two festivals, the nine day long pattutsavam is the most important. The major attraction of these festival is the Theyyam performance. Various cultural and religious programmes, grant procession, fire works displays are also held as a part of the festival.

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