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Cock Fight

Cock fights, popularly known as kozhi kettu is an ancient rural sport held as a ritual at the temple precincts in the northern parts of Kasargod. It is a blood sport between two specially trained fighter cocks owned by two individuals. These cocks have great vigour and stamina and they exhibit formidable courage during the fight which is usually held in a ring called cockpit. A sharp edged weapon like blade or knives is attached to one of the legs of the fighter cocks. The fighter bird rises high and tries to kick the enemy bird. The cock fight may often end when one of the birds gets seriously injured or dead. The owner of the successful cock is entitled to get the defeated or killed cock. If both cocks are killed in the fight the owners used to exchange the dead birds. The cock fight is associated with the tradition of offering cock blood to the Theyyam Gods which is believed to protect the family members.

Usually women are not allowed to watch this sport. As people have started misusing the traditions and started gambling on this ritual, the cock fights has been legally forbidden. But it is conducting secretly in several places.

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