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Sri Muthappan Temple

Parassinikadavu temple or Sri Muthappan temple is situated around 18 km north of Kannur town. This famous pilgrim centre on the banks of the Valapattanam river, attracts people from all sections of the society; irrespective of religion, caste and promotes the soul of 'Vasudaiva Kutumbakam'. The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in his hunter form, known as 'Muthappan', is the only place in Kerala, where the ritualistic dance 'Theyyam' is performed all around the year. 'Muthappan Theyyam' is performed here twice daily at 6.30 in the morning when the temple opens, and 5.45 in the evening when the temple closes. Non Hindus also can watch the Theyyam performance.

The temple is a concrete structure with tiered roofs that is supported by pillars and decorated with elephants. The wooden shrine inside the temple are guarded by bronze temple dogs. The temple is supposed to have been built by the people of the town who felt the divine presence of Lord Shiva amongst them in the form of a small child. There is an interesting story behind the Muthappan Temple. A couple of a Namboothiri family who had no children, got a baby boy and they brought him up as their own child. As he grew, he always used to go to the forest for hunting and ate flesh with the backward communities, which was against the Namboothiri way of living. When he was asked to stop this, he took his parents to the forest and showed his divine form with bow, arrow and fiery eyes. One day on his way to Puralimala, he was attracted by the toddy of palm trees. But the toddy tapper refused to give him toddy and he got angry and aimed an arrow at him. When the tapper's wife saw him lying unconscious she cried and called 'Muthappa' and prayed to God to save her husband and suddenly he recovered from his unconscious state. So after this and other various miraculous incidents, a temple was built that came to be known as Sri Muthappan temple.

The temple has many unique practices and rituals. The daily offerings of this temple include toddy, fish and meat as 'nivedyams' to the deity, unheard of in any other temple. Dogs are also considered sacred and the prasadam (the blessed food) are first offered to them. The annual festival of the Parassinikkadavu temple which falls on 1st of December draws hordes of pilgrims. DTPC (District Tourism Promotion Council ) provides boating service in the river near the temple, amidst lush greenery and the river opening up to the sea ahead. Accommodation is available nearby.

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