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Car Festival

Car Festival Car Festival is one of the major festivals of Udupi celebrated on the 'Makara Sankranti' day in the month of Makara (January 15) in the car street. The festival is celebrated for 7 days and so is called 'Saptotsav'.

During the first five days of Saptotsava only two chariots are drawn each day. On the first day, the idols of Lord Krishna and Lord Mukhyaprana are brought in a golden palanquin to the pond Madhwa Sarovara, of the Sri Krishna Temple and then is kept in a chariot-shaped boat. This boat then encircles the mantapa located at the centre of the pond, for three times. This is called Teppotsava, or float festival. After this on the sixth day ie, on the night before Makara-samkranti ,the idol of Lord Krishna is kept in the 'Brahmaratha', idol of Lord Mukhyaprana in 'Garuduratha' and 'utsava murtis' of Lord Ananteshwara and Lord Chandramouleshwara in 'Mahapuja ratha' in front of Sri Krishna Temple and a procession of these three chariots will be conducted followed by drum bands and luxuriously decorated elephants.

The chariots are illuminated completely with lights. It is very attractive to witness the three huge decorated chariots being pulled with long ropes by more than 200 devotees chanting the name of the Lord. On the seventh day, the Deity of Lord Krishna is taken for a bath at the Madhva Sarovar and the devotees also take a bath along with the deity. Then the idols are placed in the golden palanquin and then carried to the Vasanth Mahal for offering puja, after which they are taken to the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Large number of devotees take part in the festival with great pomp and fervor.

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