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Udupi City Facts


Udupi, an important Vaishnavite coastal town in South Karnataka, is located 381kms from the capital Bangalore. The third largest city in Karnataka, it forms the district headquarters of Udupi district. The urban focus of Udupi which came into existence in 1935, is an open Square surrounded by temples and mutts. The city is the birth place of the 12th century saint Madhava (1238-1317), who set up eight sanyasi mutts in the town and is considered as one of Karnataka's most important pilgrimage sites. Known for its delicious cuisine, one can find Udupi restaurants all over the country. Besides being a center for education, social and religious activities, the city is also a loveable tourist spot. 


Area : 68.23  Sq.Kms.
Population : 127,060 (2001 census)
Season : September-October
STD Code : 08252
Rain Fall : 78 Cms (annual)
Temperature : Summer - 40°C   
Winter - Max:32°C ,Min:20°C
Literacy : 92%