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Mysore City Facts


The former capital of the Mysore Maharaja's, Mysore still retains its old world charm with its heritage buildings, cultural traditions and  scores of temples. The city with the main palace as the focal point is divided mainly into the north zone, comprising the Vinobha road; and the south zone by the Nazarbad Main Road. Mysore is famous for its beautiful crepe silk sarees and sandalwood oil as well as sandalwood and rosewood carved articles, agarbattis and the delicious Mysore 'Pak'. The month long Dussera celebrations in September - October, with its colourful processions, fireworks and the beautifully lighted palace, gives an enchanting look to the city.


Area : 11,954 Sq.Kms.
Population : 31,65,018
Season : October to March
STD Code : 0821
Rain Fall : 667.2mm
Temperature : 20oC to 32oC
Literacy : 63.69%