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Located 35 km away from Mangalore, Moodabidri popularly known as Jain Kashi is one of the major centers of Jainism in South India. Sited at a beautiful spot in the midst of hills covered with lush green bamboo trees, this place also known as Mudnidri and Moodbiri got its name from the two words 'moodu' that means east and 'bidiru' means bamboo. Around 18 Jain temples locally known as Basadis (Bastis) are found here that are dedicated to the memory of the Teerthankars. Built of hard granite with intricately carved pillars and panels, most of these basadis dates back to 10th century AD. Guru basadi, Tribhuvana Tilaka Chudamani Basadi and Ammanavara Basadi are the famous among them. 

Guru basadi, also known as Siddhantha Basadi and Hale (Old) Basadi with the 23rd Thirthankar, Lord Parshwanatha as the presiding deity, is believed to be the earliest of the Jain monuments of this place (714 AD). The sanctum of the basadi is adorned with a beautiful 3.6 meter tall stone idol of Parshwanatha and rare Jain palm leaf manuscripts of 12th century A.D. known as ‘Dhavala texts’. The most ornament and the largest basadi is the Tribhuvana Tilaka Chudamani basadi also known as Chandranatha Basti famed for its 1000-pillared hall. The sanctum of this basadi houses a 2.5 meter tall bronze image of Lord Chandranatha Swami which is considered as an image of utmost importance in Jainism. Badaga basadi, Koti basadi, Kallu basadi, Vikrama Shetti basadi, Shettara basadi, Hire basadi, Betkeri basadi, Leppada basadi, Deramma Shetti basadi, Chola Shetti basadi, Maday Shetti basadi, Baikanatikari basadi, Kere basadi, Padu basadi, Shri Mathada basadi and Jaina Pathashaleya basadi are the other shrines. Every basadi, there is a beautiful images of Jain Thirthankar, Yakshas or Yakshis. 

Moodabidri is the birth place of famous Kannada poet Rathnakar Varni. The other attractions of the place include tombs of Jain priest, 7th century Kanthavara temple, 9th Century A.D. Gowri temple, pre-historic stone age structures, large granite monoliths called Konaje Kallu etc.

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